No Go zones: The End Result of Multiculturalism By Bruce Bennett

     Champions of diversity and ethno-cultural pluralism are quick to point out that “diversity is our strength.” But, have you ever seen any scientific argument for this claim, that is, proof? Are arguments and counter-arguments carefully evaluated? Of course not; the claim is propaganda, and is enforced at the end of the bayonet of the Law, to keep us under control, until it is demographically too late. Some special, lucky people can seemingly say what they like:, but if the same, or even much less, was done by Whites, the moral outrage would never end. Whole cities would be rocked by unending protests, and the world would quiver on its axis in moral panic.

     With the cucking and deracination of the White population there was probably no need by the elites to use the hardball tactics; we could have been left to slowly die out, but no, the elites are impatient and want their New World Order, yesterday.

     Their strategies of dispossession often involve reality denial techniques, such as portraying anyone speaking of no go zones, as crazed. Obviously enough, a no go zone challenges the standard rhetoric on the universal joy of diversity, showing a clear negative instance, as hard as that is for us to believe. But, are there no go zones, or are they products of the racist imagination?

     A leaked police report from Sweden has clearly recognised that 23 no go zones exist, with other reports putting the number as high as 55: These are areas which the police cannot police, with a breakdown of law and order and the rule by extremist gangs.

     The really interesting question now is what happens when one adds economic collapse to this dangerous brew, for economic collapse is just a matter of time: (“When rapidly expanding debt consumes a critical threshold of earnings (fuel), the equivalent of gravity (default, inability to service the enormous debt) triggers the collapse of the entire debt/leverage dependent financial system”: the supernova theory of collapse.)

     My prediction is, that this will be the real crisis point for European peoples, when many, but not most, will wake in fright:
     Then, what?



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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