No Fly Lists: War Against the Right By Charles Taylor

America First identity, Nick Fuentes has been put on the No-Fly List by the Federal anarcho-tyranny for attending the January 6 rally against the stolen election. The No-Fly List was created after 911, supposedly to ban potential Islamic terrorists from getting on planes, since they tend to blow them up. The list had “sleeper” potential, since anyone the Deep State did not like could be planted on the list, no questions asked, or at least answered.

Fuentes had attempting to board a plane to Florida where he was to speak at a conference about the same sort of political repression and oppression that he has been subjected to, but was stopped by authorities. This is not surprising since Fuentes has been banned, since attending Trump’s January 6 rally, from most Big Tech, such as Facebook, and has even had his bank account frozen! Clearly a human rights violation, yet the Biden administration lectures China about human rights, and as usual, Trump does nothing, having allowed the Deepers to even murder one of his supporters Fuentes may ultimately have to seek political refugee status in China or Russia, but he will not be able to fly there, of course!



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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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