No Cervix? No Worries! By Mrs Vera West


         There is a problem; you identify as a woman and want to have a cervical smear test, but you have male genitals, and hence no cervix. Well if you are in Britain, you can be accommodated:


Women who identify as male are not being offered vital routine breast screenings and cervical cancer checks in case it offends them.


But men identifying as women will be invited for cervical smear tests – even though they don’t have a cervix.


The advice comes from a 24-page booklet published by Public Health England called “Information for trans people”.


The PHE booklet explains “who we invite for screening”.


Transpeople who register with their GP as their birth sex will be invited to screenings appropriate to that, but if they register as they gender they identify as they will not be.


If a transman, born female, registers as male he won’t be invited for routine breast screenings at 50, or cervical screening. However, if a transwoman registers as female they will be routinely invited for cervical screening.”




         Fine, but what I want to know is, will any of these people who do not have a cervix, test positive for cervical cancer? If so, will an imaginary cancer be then treated? Just curious.




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Saturday, 13 August 2022