Nike and Selective Morality: Just. Don’t. Do. It. By Chris Knight

     Apparently the “Just do it” motto of Nike was coined in 1998 by an advertising agency who were “inspired” by mass murderer Gary Gilmore’s last words: "Let's do it." Gasp!

     Anyway, I have no time for these sorts of ridiculously expensive running shoes even though I do a fair bit of running myself, at least for an older guy. And I have even less time for all of the pc nonsense that Nike is getting into:

“This week, sportswear giant Nike agreed to pull their “Betsy Ross Flag” sneakers after former NFL player and anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick, advised them that the American flag is a symbol of racism, hate, and slavery. However, the company has had no issue offering shoes with many other national flags and colors, including human rights abusers such as China and Turkey. Naturally, Nike was quick to create gay pride flag-themed shoes. There are quite a few styles set up in the rainbow colors of gay pride. So, as far as Nike is concerned, gay pride is great, but American pride is “racist.”

But Nike has also created shoes with the flags of all sorts of nations on them. Over the last few decades, Nike has offered many shoes decorated with the colors and flags of a growing list of countries without regard to their records on racism, violence, gay rights, and human rights abuses.”

     No problem here as there are plenty of other running shoes to buy which do not follow the standard pc national suicide narrative. Just. Do. It.




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Friday, 19 August 2022