Newsletter 252 A Police State has been enacted in Australia with Pass Laws to enter States - "Unconstitutional"

14 April 2020

The Doctors Ethical Code of Conduct under the World Medical Association states "Doctors must not use their medical knowledge to remove human rights".

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge and give my condolences to those families that have been affected by the current disease outbreak. However, to date the statistics that we have been given via the media do not prove that there is a serious risk from the new COVID-19 coronavirus strain. This newsletter describes how medical statistics can be used to manipulate an increase or a decrease in a disease and it provides the reason why our freedom should not be removed based on medical knowledge.

What you can do:
1) Remove the propaganda - Turn your TV off and do not buy newspapers.
2) Protest action whilst Social Distancing -  My Exercise Plan During the Lockdown (2mins)
3) Assist the AVN to contact politicians to make them accountable for these unnecessary removal of freedoms -  Email your State Government - to object to mandatory flu vaccination and to mandatory vaccination for students and employees.
4) Support the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) - Press Release 7 April 2020
5) Re-educate yourselves and understand why all populations are not susceptible to mutated viruses. My book - Vaccination: Australia's Loss of Health Freedom - is now available.
The Australian government NCIRS has attempted to denigrate my research because I have shown that children's health has significantly declined as the Australian government added vaccines to the vaccination program. Peter McIntyre and Margaret Burgess are the founding directors of the NCIRS and they did not invesigate this link. Here is my rebuttal of the false information they have provided about my research in the Vaccine journal - 3 years after my PhD research was published -  Judy Wilyman's response to Peter McIntyre and Margaret Burgess's Vaccine article that attempts to discredit my PhD.

The Australian Police State (The Police State is Here - Sydney Criminal Lawyers):

Did you know that the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, declared a 'pandemic' of this mutated flu-like virus (the cause of the common cold/flu) in Australia on 21 January 2020 prior to the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring this new strain to be a 'global pandemic' on 11 March 2020.

To date (April 2020) the Australian Health department has not provided any deaths to COVID-19 that did not have underlying health issues or other strains of flu viruses present as well (Sir John Walsh, Chief Justice - at 29.30 mins and 55 mins and 1 07 38 mins).



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