New Zealand: mRNA Boosters Increase Risk of Death by 11 Percent! By Brian Simpson

A Freedom of Information request to the New Zealand National Public Health service has revealed that, based upon all New Zealand registered deaths by month, that in the last six months of 2022, 80 percent of all people dying had received the Pfizer mRNA jab. However, only 73.2 percent of those eligible to have a booster, got one. Further, 1.8 percent of those under 18 years of age who died did not received a booster. Hence, those who received booster shots had a 11 percent increased probability of dying compared to other groups, or an excess mortality of 3,040 deaths in 2022. Before the plandemic, the total number of deaths in 2019 was 34,260, but the excess mortality on 2022 was 5,053 deaths, an increase of 15 percent, relative to 2019 figures.


The media is claiming that these deaths are Covid-related, with the effects upon the aged segment of the population. But, this is wrong, as the data indicates that the deaths are occurring across all age groups who have received the Covid vax boosters. Thus, by a process of elimination, the boosters are the common cause, increasing the chances of death of New Zealanders. Yet, as in Australia, the health authorities are screaming for people, who are now a little more cautious, to get the boosters, and booster to the booster ad infinitum.

“Information concerning mortality in 2021, 2022, and 2023 correlated with vaccination status has been released by Te Whata Ora, Health New Zealand, following a Freedom of Information (“OIA”) request. The figures are signed off by Astrid Koornneef, Interim Director of Prevention, National Public Health Service.

The released figures include all NZ registered deaths by month. The figures show that for the last six months of 2022, 80% of all people dying in New Zealand had received Pfizer mRNA booster injections. Yet according to official government figures updated 14 February 2023 only 73.2% of those eligible (18+ years) have received a booster. 

1.8% of those dying are under 18 years of age and have therefore not received a booster. Adjusting for this, recipients of booster shots have at least an 11% increased chance of dying in 2022 compared to all other groups, including the double vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated. This equates to 3,040 additional 2022 deaths among the boosted when compared to other groups.

According to the OIA, 39,313 persons died in 2022. These are the latest figures which may be subject to increase as the process of compiling 2022 death totals continues. The total number of deaths in 2019, before the pandemic, was 34,260. The 2022 interim total is an increase of 15% or 5,053 deaths compared to the pre-pandemic 2019 total.

An article in the NZ Herald erroneously claims that this spike in deaths is due to the effect of covid-19 on an ageing population. This is not supported by data. According to the Government covid portal a total of only 1,599 people have died with covid described as the official cause of death, most of which occurred in 2022. This is insufficient to account for 5,053 extra deaths in 2022. 

Moreover, the article completely fails to take into account the fact that the extra deaths are disproportionately occurring among people of all ages who have received booster injections. This would not be happening if increased deaths were a result of a knock-on effect of covid or an effect due to ageing. In either case, death rates would be equally shared among the various vaccination status groups, they are not. From a statistical point of view, nothing could be any clearer – booster injections increase your chance of death from any cause.

Corroborating data is available from the UK which we covered in our 13 February release. An analysis of 300 UK administrative districts shows that those with boosters have a progressively increasing risk of death in the months following their injection. Further UK information indicates elevated incidence of heart disease and liver disease are factors. 

The latest OIA figures show that the continued insistence in corporate media that NZ has benefitted from a net reduced death rate due to Government pandemic policy is untenable. The policy of encouraging booster injections should cease immediately. Further investigation into figures of hospital admissions and deaths by category should be undertaken urgently. This will shed light on the mechanisms whereby covid boosters are causing excess deaths.”



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Friday, 23 February 2024

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