Natural Selection, The Survival of the Fittest and the Coming Collapse of Western Civilisation by John Steele

Mike Adams at Natural, September 30, 2016, delivered a controversial article: “The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization: The Shocking Reason Why Liberal Americans are Weak, but Islamic Soldiers are Strong.”
He makes the argument that the military attacks on Muslim populations in the Middle East are killing off the weak and leaving survivors who will become super soldiers. It is Darwin’s natural selection and the survival of the fittest at work.

In the West there is selection pressure favouring the physically weak, those who follow the agenda of political correctness. For example, not mentioned by Adams, but relevant to his argument, is speculation by a Fort Myers doctor that male voters for Hillary Clinton may have low testosterone (, October 2, 2016). It is quite possible that many Western men are being selected by unnatural selection to be beta rather than alpha males. The beta male, conforming to the system succeeds, but the physical alpha, the types who built Western civilisation, what Vera West calls the “John Wayne man,” are now no longer needed. They are more likely now to be unemployed and hence no longer contributing to the next generation, hence redundant.

The culture of “safe spaces” and the consumer life style, Adams argues, is producing physically and mentally weak individuals in the West so that the “youthful generations are more pathetic, useless and dumbed-down than ever before. They utterly lack any real world skills, physical stamina or the mental fortitude to accomplish anything at all.” Health challenges such as obesity, produced by junk food and lack of exercise, add to this.

The exception to this is country children in the West, a growing minority, who do have tougher lifestyles, and even in Australia learn how to shoot to eliminate feral animals.
On my parent’s sheep farm in Victoria, a small farm that unfortunately went bankrupt when my father died in a road traffic accident and my mum, sadly, couldn’t go on and do it alone, even as a kid I used a rifle to ping off feral animals. It was nothing special. Today most kids couldn’t sleep without air conditioning, led alone spend a night out, protecting young lambs from feral dogs during lambing.
Adams has a great quote that I said a few times while chopping wood for my camp fire: “An easy life breeds weaknesses, obedience and servitude. A hard life breeds self-determination, resilience, individualism and adaptability.” I concur entirely.

Adams has a video about this: The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization. When I can find the internet I will watch it and get back to you. In these hills where I live in a tent, I am pretty much in an internet  free zone.



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