Murky Merkel’s Mindless Muddles By Richard Miller

     I have not done a job on Germany’s Merkel for a while, so let’s go. It seems that Merkel has had the shakes recently, something we saw Hillary Clinton do, but on a grander scale during the 2016 election. The mainstream media has reported this, without much reflection of why. Surely, she is shaking with joy at the thought of totally destroying traditional Germany and ending the life blood of a people? What else could make globo-commos dance to the beat of migration?

     Even though way back in 2010 Murky Merkle said that multiculturalism had failed, she decided to test it out one more time. By failed, she probably meant, “did not polish of a country quickly enough.”

     The wicked globalist was recently going on the attack against populism, outraged that some people are refusing to disappear into the trash can of history without a murmur:

“Populists are the “enemy” of Europe and seek to destroy the continent’s globalist “values”, Angela Merkel has warned ahead of European Parliament elections this week. Speaking in Zagreb at the weekend, the German Chancellor urged Croatians and other voters in Europe to shun pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration political forces at the ballot boxes this week. Patriotism and support for a federal European superstate in which national sovereignty has been transferred to Brussels are “not opposites”, said the chancellor, insisting: “Our values mean we can be proud of our own country and at the same time work to build Europe. “There are populist currents that in many areas disdain these values, that want to destroy our European values,” said Merkel, pointing to fundamental human rights and the protection of minorities as examples of these. “Nationalism is the enemy of the European project, and we have to make that clear in the last days before the election,” she added, stressing that Europe is a “project of peace”, a “project of freedom” and “the project of prosperity”. The veteran German leader appeared at the rally alongside her fellow Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician, Manfred Weber, the lead candidate of the EU Parliament’s neoliberal, so-called centre-right grouping.”

     How could the “good men’ have let things slide so far, so quickly? Really can anyone complain, when in 10 years’ time civilisation is but a memory? In 20 years, there may not even be the memory of how this all happened anyway, and the crumbling infrastructure of the West may be looked at as the creation of gods, who visited for a time, but then departed, in disgust.



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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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