Mothers’ Daughters of the Dark Lords By Mrs Vera West

      We have been telling people about the collapse of social values and morality for a long time, emphasising that things have moved to a whole new level in recent years. The Left and globalists at first glance may seem to support all of the politically correct “isms” as their New-New World Order Philosophy, and our side likes to say that this is all about world domination. But they already effectively rule the world and dominate everything, thanks to the good men who did nothing. I think though that the real agenda of the super-elites is as Mike Adams has said the transhuman agenda, not to prepare the way for extra-terrestrial lizard people, but for nihilism, and the elimination of life, certainly human life, just because they can do it.

     Like people who have indulged in everything materialm has to offer, they are bored with existence and want to take the whole ship down. But, when TSHTF, will they really be happy with the post-apocalyptic world they would have created?

     Anyway, that is all depressing so nothing like a bit of good music to lift one’s spirits, eh? So, to help keep our minds from wandering onto the mine field of oblivion, enjoy the new fantastic video from the ever-wholesome Mylie Cyrus (birth name, ironically, Destiny Hope Cyrus), which has absolutely everything:

     And, what is should have been:

.. but not for long …

things fall apart …

nothing breaks like their heart …

 nothing will save them now …




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Saturday, 13 August 2022