Mobile Phone Zombie Apocalypse By Brian Simpson

     How about this for a movie plot? A mad scientist invents a device which allegedly gives the masses entertainment value, but which later is revealed to be killing them. People start dying out. Maybe they come back as zombies; maybe not. Anyway, apocalypse. But wait, it is not a movie:

“As it turns out, the mass poisoning of human brains with cellphone radiation has only been going on for a generation or so. It may be the common cause behind the insanity, and California health authorities have just confirmed this possibility by issuing new warnings about the adverse brain effects of cellphone radiation exposure.
“The research suggests cellphones could increase our risk for brain cancer and tumors, low sperm count, headaches, as well as impaired memory, hearing, and sleep,” reports CBS News / San Francisco. In other words, cellphone radiation has been found to directly interfere with normal brain function, leading people to demonstrate abnormal cognitive function. This, combined with the brain-warping harmful effects of social media, seems to have driven our society to the brink of runaway mental illness across the masses.
Just as the Romans destroyed their civilization with the help of lead poisoning in the water aqueducts, we may be destroying our own civilization by frying all our brains with cellphone radiation (and thereby driving our people insane).”

     Could this exposure explain crazy things in journalism, like this article addressing the question, “what is so wrong with human cannibalism”:

     Cell phone radiation may explain some of this.



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022