Mike Adam’s Letter to the Normies Who Let it all Happen By Chris Knight

     We all know them: people who we have spoken to about the political issues, but who worship money and comfort, and do nothing out of apathy and self-interest. My eldest son for example, now has a girl friend from an establishment rich family of lawyers, and will have nothing to do with me, because I am critical of the system. However, this family got a body blow from the coronapocalpyse, when their clients were reduced by 50 percent in just the first few weeks. I don’t wish anyone ill, but in the end, people harvest what they reap, or as the Bible says, sow the wind, reap a whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

“Dear clueless America,
You are now living under the tyranny you deserve. For the last four years, as truth-telling websites like Natural News were smeared, de-platformed and silenced, you said nothing. You were more interested in your Starbucks lattes, your inflated stock market shares, and virtue signaling your obedience to pop culture than defending the right of people to tell the truth. You let the world’s “facts” be determined by the most evil, communist-infiltrated techno-fascists imaginable: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more. You said nothing as they silenced independent publishers who told the truth about natural cures, herbal remedies and the dangers of biological weapons research (which we desperately warned the world about in 2012). As long as YOU weren’t banned, that was the most important priority in your mind, and you rapidly self-censored your own speech to make sure you could continue to earn ad revenue on YouTube by complying with their “community guidelines” that outlawed truth and reason. The reason you are stuck in an apartment in a high-density city, beating your head against the wall while your stock market portfolio vanishes with each passing day is because you thought it was more important to be obedient than free. You went along with the hyperventilating, screaming masses as they demanded the de-platforming of Natural News, InfoWars and an endless list of independent media organizations, claiming your “fact checkers” had a divine monopoly on facts (even though they were mostly funded by interested linked back to Big Pharma).

In doing that, you managed to ban all the most important voices that warned about the dangers of biological weapons research while trying to promote nutrition, anti-viral herbs and natural health knowledge that could right now be saving many thousands of lives… except for that fact that none of that information can be found anymore on the mainstream internet, since all the best sites have been shadowbanned or de-platformed. You didn’t speak out against that. Instead, you altered your own speech to come into “compliance” with the censors, and you stopped sharing links to the banned sites, for fear of being banned yourself for promoting banned speech. In other words, you became became your own jailer for your pathetic mental prison. You did that because you are a coward. You have no ethics, no morals, no courage and no principles. You helped build the very prison in which you now find yourself, and you can’t find a way out because you’ve never had a thought that was implanted into your consciousness by someone else. Instead of supporting diversity of thought, you demanded obedient conformity to a tiny set of twisted, fraudulent ideas, claiming the world would be a better place if “non-popular” content was systematically erased from the internet so that all the remaining voices would be in agreement. You called it “consensus” and explained that “fringe” voices were dangerous to society. So you supported Google and the tech giants carrying out a form of online ethnic cleansing, to rid the internet of information you didn’t want to see, since it opposed your own twisted worldview that was wholly derived from conformity with popular delusions rather than diverse, independent thinking.

You openly supported the silencing of scientific voices that disagreed with the climate change lunacy pushed by your own twisted, fraudulent front men like Al Gore. You openly endorsed systematic child abuse by indoctrinating children with falsehoods of transgenderism and the “joys” of chemical puberty blockers that cause irreversible, long-term damage to the reproductive systems of children. And you praised the very open borders that have now allowed Europe to be flooded with infected illegal migrants who have overrun Germany, France and the UK, plunging them all into a scenario of infectious disease and mass death that Europe hasn’t witnessed since World War II. You did all this while patting yourself on the back, telling yourself that you were morally superior to those you conspired to have silenced. No voices but your own homogeneous, obedient, domineering voice should be allowed to participate in public conversations, you insisted, because “facts” must be controlled by popular consensus, you believe, not observations of reality. No minority views shall be tolerated in your world, which essentially collapses down to “mob rule.”

You are now living under tyranny because you thought your willingness to obediently conform to the twisted, insane narratives of the ruling class would immunize you from their tyranny. You were wrong. Now, the tyranny comes for you too, since you were too pathetic to speak out for others who were targeted before the ruling class got to you. Suddenly, you are coming to realize that you are living as a slave, a prisoner in your own apartment, in an economy that’s now owned and run by the central banks, with no job, no means of self-sustenance and no real hope for the future that you helped create. You created your own Hell, in other words, and now you are living in it. And it’s going to get far worse from here. Soon, you will be microchipped, then euthanized, and everything you ever produced will be confiscated or stolen by the very system that you demanded be given absolute power. Just in case you thought the Hell you created would stop with stealing all your wealth and imprisoning you in your own home, that’s only the beginning of where this is headed. Thanks to your support for mandatory vaccine laws in California (SB277) and elsewhere, you are about to be microchipped and forced to undergo a euthanasia vaccine that’s literally designed to depopulate the planet. You will have no choice, since you gave up any last shred of freedom for anyone when you demanded that freedom be silenced and replaced by corporate-controlled “authority” sources that are all run by Big Pharma and the vaccine industry.

You won’t even be told what’s in the vaccine, of course, and it will be subjected to nothing resembling rigorous clinical trials. Congruent with what you have demanded of others, you will be injected against your will — like cattle — and told that if you publicly disagree with the mandatory vaccine, you will be de-platformed, just as you demanded others be de-platformed when they questioned earlier vaccines. Even worse, those who refuse the vaccine will likely be banned from participating in society: No public transportation, no job, no government crypto wallet and no ability to even exist. Before the vaccine kills you, however, the federal government, Treasury and Federal Reserve will steal everything you own. You are about to be completely bled of every asset you think you possess, from your stock portfolios to your retirement and pension funds. They will all become worthless as the dollar suffers its planned collapse, to be replaced by a new electronic currency that will track your every expenditure and enslave you under a system of authoritarian financial surveillance that’s consistent with the authoritarian censorship that you demanded be applied to the voices with whom you disagreed. During this currency exchange, you will lose nearly all the purchasing power on the dollars you previously held, since the whole engineered collapse was always about massive, coordinated theft from the get-go.

The coronavirus, after all, is a PLANdemic. This was no accident. In the end, you will be left penniless, diseased and eventually dead, since the very system that you helped create has no use for humans like you. Didn’t you get the memo? It was long ago decided that the future doesn’t need you, and the automation robots are right on track to replace the vast majority of human workers. The 25% unemployment we are rapidly headed for right now is only a shadow of what is yet to come: 70% unemployment for humans, who will be swept into homeless camps with forced vaccinations and government-issued meals of Soylent Green porridge. YOU begged for this, and now you are about to live with it (or die from it, more likely). … you supported gun control because you believed the media lies that “guns kill people.” Now you are coming to find out the real truth far too late: Tyranny kills people, and firearms are humanity’s last defense against tyranny. Even worse, if you somehow manage to survive all this, you will continue to demand authoritarian tyranny because you still don’t understand freedom, even after you’ve lived as a slave. What’s the most disturbing about all this is that even living under enslavement, you still don’t understand why you are enslaved. You haven’t yet come to realize that this is the tyranny YOU created, and if you somehow manage to survive all this, your primary desire will be a “return to normalcy,” which is the oblivious, pathetic, clueless life you previously lived that brought you to this point in the first place.

You still demand censorship. You still demand vaccine mandates. You still watch CNN and think it’s “news,” and you still think “alternative” voices should be silenced. Because you’ve learned nothing, even as your own destruction approaches. You have failed as a human being and as a spiritual being. Your life means nothing, and your existence on this planet has been nothing but a colossal waste of time, resources and biological molecules. Your entire existence has been pointless because you did not dare challenge the status quo or exercise any ability to think for yourself. You lived your life as nothing but a Programmable Life Form (PLF), also known as an NPC in role playing games. The lies that you tell yourself — that your life has meaning, that you are important to the world, that the world needs your “diversity” and self-expression — are nothing more than echoes of your delusional, indoctrinated consciousness that has been entirely programmed by dishonest media sources and social engineering. You don’t have a single thought that is your own. Everything you think — the entirety of your internal conservation — is something that was programmed into your head by someone else, almost always from an information source that did not have your best interests in mind. (Google works for China, didn’t you know? Wikipedia is a disinfo encyclopedia. Real human knowledge has been banned, replaced by artificial, fake “facts” from radical left-wing fact-checkers.)

As it turns out, you aren’t even a real, unique person, and that’s exactly why the globalists have already written you off. You have nothing to offer them except a speedy death, and they have already unleashed the mechanism to achieve that … If you don’t die from the virus, they’ll kill you with kinetic wars, starvation (i.e. food supply control), vaccines or toxic medications. One way or another, your entire purpose, from the point of view of the globalists you support, is to end your life and remove your existence from this world. That is why you now find yourself imprisoned in your apartment in a collapsing city. That is why you have no freedom, no food supplies, no firearms and no future. This is why every action you take is something you were told to take by the controlled corporate media. This is why you will be left penniless as the financial reset unfolds. This is why you will line up to be obediently injected with a “kill switch” vaccine, begging the government to chemically assault you with the very mechanism that will deliver you unto Death. You have never been anything other than a sheeple, and you will die a self-deluded slave whose only purpose on this Earth was to generate some small sliver of wealth to be confiscated by the globalists who see humanity as their enemy. The entirety of your existence will soon collapse to nothing more than a numerical representation of how many dollars the globalists can extract from your assets as they euthanize you with the coronavirus vaccine. This is the world you created. Welcome to your own personal Hell. You will be destroyed by what you have unleashed, which is why I have repeatedly and accurately called America a “suicide cult.”

     This is definitely hard love stuff from Mike, but he is right. The normies with their jobs, and consumerism, who value only money, who sneer at we who fight the system, and that includes members of my own family, such as my eldest son, are the good people who let evil happen by doing nothing. They are the real problem, and in the end, the world as we know it will be sunk, not merely by the actions of the psychopathic elites, but by them too, with their eternal compliance and blind obedience. In the end, we all get what we deserve, some more than others.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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