Mighty Strange Things in Hawaii: The Arson Strategy By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The Hawaii fires may go down as another 9/11. Although the authorities are doing their best to keep information under wraps, small bits of information get out. But, news now is scare. Areas are still barricaded off, and we have yet to get an official account of the number of dead, especially school children who are missing, thought to be in the hundreds. As reported bow, there is speculation that this may be a giant scam, the fires perhaps caused by energy beam attacks. I have seen some reports of this at Infowars.com, but no solid evidence. In fact, unlike 9/11, where the buildings were visible, the entire area is sealed off, and who knows what is going on, or what happened?

Thus, I find the whole thing, 100 percent suspicious. Indeed nowadays, assume a conspiracy over natural events, until proven otherwise. I wonder what comes next?


“The death toll is still being kept from us, and a wall is going up at breakneck speed to keep media and people out, obscuring ground zero.

On a side note, look how quick this wall is going up, but the Democrat regime can’t close the border.

The exact number of people missing after the fires is still changing.

FEMA Order Surfaces for Full Media ‘Blackout’ of Maui Disaster Images

By: The Politics Brief, August 22, 2023

Following the Maui fire disaster, there have been concerns of mishandling and a lack of transparency, with claims of media restrictions on the island.

The current media landscape seems determined to maintain a positive image of Joe Biden, especially evident in the coverage of the Hawaii incident. Two significant aspects underscore this narrative.
Insights Into Rising Insurance Loss…
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Insights Into Rising Insurance Losses from Maui’s Devastating Wildfires

Firstly, there’s President Biden’s perceived aloofness, marked by his repeated “no comment” replies to early queries and frequent vacations during this crisis. His recent visit to Maui only magnified his public relations challenges. Secondly, there are concerns about the local administration’s measures, or lack thereof, which may have exacerbated the situation. Issues like an unutilized warning system, queries about the fire’s initial containment, and an alleged delay by a water management official in redirecting water to combat the flames, are notable.

Among this muffled media landscape comes an anonymous tip: A reported FEMA letter dated August 19, 2023 that urges an official media blackout on new disaster footage.

“A person wishing to stay anonymous has sent me this email by FEMA sent to their nonprofit who is headed to Maui to help with disaster relief,” Anthony Cabasa reported. “They say they are being asked to STOP posting any images or videos while on the ground effective immediately.”

The August 19 letter reads:

“Out of respect for those who perished, we were asked by Maui County officials to pause on posting on social media and elsewhere new imagery of damage/disaster/debris starting now. They are asking for a full stop on disaster imagery going forward. At this time, we have not been asked to take any photos or video down. Our team on the ground is coordinating with the County for further guidance to ensure we remain fully aligned. Cultural sensitivity is of the utmost importance in all our response and recovery activities to this disaster.”

It was signed off on as Justin Angel Knighton, who is the Director of FEMA’s Office of External Affairs.


"That’s why we can’t have you walking down there," Maui, Hawaii, Police Chief John Pelletier says in a video recently shared on TikTok. "We had to arrest somebody for trespassing. And so, if we want to keep doing this and slowing it down, keep doing that. Do a Freedom of Information Act and figure out who that person is and tell that story. Knock it off." 

A narrator then cuts in and says, "All right, breaking news: The police chief in the region affected by these fires has started arresting witnesses, and he tells the press to dox the witnesses that he arrested. So very concerning, the Maui police are now arresting witnesses. They’re telling people to stay away, and that they’ll arrest them if they show up. Are they trying to cover up key evidence?" (Doxxing is publicly identifying or publishing private information about people, especially to exact punishment or revenge.)

The Maui Police Department told Politifact the post’s claim is "100% false."

Josepha Toakala was arrested Aug. 18 in connection with rules and orders outlined in the Maui County mayor’s emergency proclamation related to the fires, the department said. Toakala had been warned Aug. 14 to avoid the wildfire disaster area in Lahaina and was taken into custody after being found there again, the department added. 

"We would also like to take this opportunity to remind the public about the importance of adhering to the rules and orders designed to maintain the safety and order of our community as we continue our search and recovery efforts On Aug. 13, another person was arrested and charged with criminal trespass after he was discovered exiting the restricted area, news outlet Maui Now reported

The mayor’s emergency proclamation, which limits movement within the wildfire disaster area, was signed Aug. 11 and cited "continuing catastrophic conditions that affect the health and safety of a large number of people within the area," the statement said.”




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