Microplastics; How Could Something So Good, Be So Cruel? By James Reed

     I love all of the products of our affluent society, and wish I had a social dividend so I could spend the money wisely buying more consumer junk, especially things made of plastic, which excites me, to no end. And yet Mrs Vera West tells me that my love of plastic is making me spastic, that microplastics are cutting my organs up, blowing up what remains of my immune system, and horrors like that. Here are some articles, but I am too plastic-bigoted to read them:

     Bah! Cancer, things like that … I don’t care. I care even less about slimy sea life choking on plastic, because it’s survival of the fittest in the sea. And if sea creatures are not happy living in an ocean of plastic, well they can go back to where they came from! Plastic is our way of life, and is not negotiable, as this somewhat dated, but great anti-environment book by Dennis Avery, Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic (2000), detailed.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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