Michael Moore, We are Sorry You are a “Hero” By James Reed

     Leftist Michael Moore has really upset fellow Leftoids with his latest movie Planet of the Humans.

“How did Michael Moore become a hero to climate deniers and the far right?” asks a disturbed and tearful George Monbiot in the Guardian. Simple: by speaking the truth, for a change. Unlike almost every other prominent leftist you could name in the world, Moore has finally admitted that the renewable energy emperor is wearing no clothes. Far from being “clean” energy or “green” energy, renewables are in fact a dirty, ugly, planet-destroying fail. Planet of the Humans, the environmental documentary executive-produced by Moore and directed by and starring his fellow leftist Jeff Gibbs, has now had more than 7 million views on YouTube. Their natural leftist allies aren’t at all happy with this, though. Indeed some of them — such as left-wing activist Josh Fox and discredited climate scientist Michael Mann — initially attempted to get the movie pulled by its distributors. When they realised that this wasn’t possible — the film remains stubbornly available for free viewing on YouTube — they then backed down from their threat. They defended their pusillanimity, lamely, by claiming: “We don’t want to give them extra publicity.” It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the wailing, gnashing of teeth and general discombobulation Moore’s anti-renewables bombshell has caused within the green movement. Sure, the film says nothing that I haven’t been saying at Breitbart and elsewhere for over a decade: that renewables are expensive, environmentally destructive, do not reduce fossil fuel usage, do not reduce CO2 emissions, kill birds and bats, ruin views, despoil nature, enrich crony capitalists at the expense of ordinary energy users, etc. But what makes it so especially deadly and effective a weapon against the green movement is that it was made not by one of its avowed enemies but by its natural allies.”

     What is extraordinary about this are that renewables are one of the holy of holies for the Left, who have now dominated environmentalism, after the Right abandoning it in the post-World War II era, as part of its rejection of biology. It is hard to think of a comparison from our side of politics for this. Anyway, I take this as an argument for oil, which we need to survive the bitter Melbourne winter coming up fast. Each year I feel that my prediction of global cooling, and freezing, in a new ice age, is coming closer. I do my bit to emit as much carbon as possible. Get plenty of warm cloths. Winter is coming.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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