Melbourne: USSR 2.0 By James Reed

     What is going on in Melbourne? Bizarre arrests, protesters getting arrested by the truckload, the state of emergency going on and on, and the economy wrecked, with the worst to come. 

     We have all heard about this, but the latest bit of interesting information is that a leading QC has said that the curfews by dictator Dan are legally invalid:

“A top QC has questioned the validity of the coronavirus curfew imposed on Melbourne by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Michael Wyles said the 8pm to 5am curfew, brought in as part of Melbourne's Stage Four restrictions, had not been authorised under state law. 'There is no legal basis for the curfew,' he told The Australian. Legislation allows health officials to make emergency orders to protect the public but chief health officer Brett Sutton has revealed he did not seek the curfew. Premier Andrews instead said the restriction had been 'about enforcement'. Mr Andrews was asked if the measure had been requested by police and said this week that restrictions were decided on advice from a variety of authorities. 'Some of that's public health advice, some of its law enforcement advice,' he said. Mr Wyles' pointed out the potential flaw in the curfew as assisting law enforcement was not a valid reason to enact emergency health orders. 'It is invalid and everyone can ignore it because the direction is not, according to what Sutton said yesterday, for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the risk of COVID,' Mr Wyles said. The revelation comes as the bizarre reason why the Victorian government turned down help from Australian Defence Force with hotel quarantine was revealed. An inquiry into Melbourne's botched quarantine program heard ADF troops were not used as it would have been 'daunting' for arriving passengers.” 

     Right, I have seen this sort of thing said by members of the legal profession. We have lawyers doing cartwheels to fight for the slightest refugee rights in courts, but when an entire state faces oppression, what actually is being done to challenge things in the courts? Nothing as far as I can see:

     Plenty of conservative legal writers, typically coming from top Australian universities, have been critical of Melbourne’s tyranny, but as far as I can see, still nothing in the courts. And, you wonder why I suffer from psycho-political psychoses.



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Friday, 24 March 2023

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