Meet the Politically Correct Class of 2016 by James Reed

An interesting article, worth noting is by Michael Sexton, “Telling Argument Against Dissenting Perspectives,” The Australian, August 16, 2016, p. 12.
Sexton says that the politically correct class in Australia is extremely powerful and rules the public agendas and debates, tolerating little dissent.
It champions same-sex marriage, section 18 C, sees Australia as deeply racist, and believes in human-caused climate change, all with the passion of a religion.

We can add to this list; such that Australia is a part of Asia,  and a fanatical support for multi-culturalism/multi-racialism and mass migration, and the array of Aboriginal issues.

The politically correct class are found in the media, schools, the universities, the legal profession, sporting bodies and boards and senior management of Big business. They don’t agree about everything, but it does not really matter. Thus, as I see it, university socialists support open borders on Marxist grounds, but Big Business does it to increase profits and crush nationalism, but the objective is the same for both groups: to end national identity and swamp locals.

The important point made by Sexton, is that the politically correct class do not tolerate dissent. Those expressing a different opinion will have their careers destroyed. They play hardball, always. I note that many an academic speaking up against immigration or foreign investment, have found that their contracts are not renewed. Of course, there are always socialist students on hand to threaten violence if necessary, as was seen in the 1960s/1970s with IQ/race researchers.

It is important to keep up the brain washing – and that is not said lightly. Courses in the Arts/social sciences are riddled with ideology, guilt-tripping about white privilege and the like.  In the United States, universities have become areas with “safe spaces,” and are ever-sensitive to micro-aggressions:
see “The Coddling of the American Mind,” The Atlantic.

I believe that the underlying narrative is simply one of anti-white males, and all that they historically represent.

The source of all of this mischief has arisen in the universities, who are publicly funded to engage in a cultural war against Traditionalism.

To effectively fight back against this, requires a radical response, and this, I have maintained over the years, is to close down the universities. Medicine can be taught better around hospitals; law in law societies, and engineering in engineering societies, all giving students hands-on experience from the beginning.
As for the Arts and social sciences – we would all be better off without them.
The best way of dealing with the parasites of decadence, is to deny them the nutrients which they absorb from the host organism.



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