Mass Immigration: Benign Anglo Saxon Genocide By Peter West

      The elites have been doing cartwheels in joy about the news fresh from the Australian Census, with 49.3 percent of Australians being migrants, or having at least one parent who was a migrant: “Migrant Nation Born as Christian Heritage Fades”:

     The elites have moved far on from demographically displacing Anglo-Saxons, constituting 97 percent of the population at Federation (see Alan James, New Britannia: The Rise and Decline of Anglo-Australia, Renewal Publications, 2013), have achieved their goal of setting in motion the dispossession of Whites, and are now in mop-up operations, working on eliminating all aspects of White culture, such as religion, the traditional family and culture.

     The fading of the Christian heritage bit is interesting; 52 percent of Australians identified as Christian, but the proportion of atheists, Hindus  and Muslims is rapidly rising. Next Census, Christians will be a minority. Expect gay marriage to be in any day. Then the Aboriginal referendum, and by then it will be time for the Republic. The founding constitution will be rewritten to create the world’s most politically correct document, and our courts will see to that.

     Here is  Bernard Salt from The Australian, celebrating this demographic change, produced by a decade of Big Australia:

“Australia is like a ship casting aside its moorings and heading into uncharted waters.
Not in a foreboding way, but more in a break-with-the-past kind of way. The nation is bigger courtesy of a Big Australia policy initiated last decade that doubled the immigration intake and set us all on a different course. As a consequence, our biggest cities are growing at breakneck speed, especially Melbourne.  And partly, I think, because in comparison to Sydney, Melbourne delivers the Australian dream of access to employment options and home ownership, at least on the city’s edge.

Even the ethnic base to the nation has been made over in the last decade. British and New Zealand migrants still dominate, but new influences arriving from China and India are changing the national complexion, especially in our biggest cities. In fact it could be argued that Sydney and Melbourne are separating themselves from the greater mass of the Australian people.

These two leviathan cities are bigger, more Asian-Indian-Arabic, are fundamentally richer and are more aligned to apartmentia, as opposed to suburbia, as a way of life than pretty much any other part of Australia.”

     Anglo-Saxons are, I believe, about 25 percent of the Australian population now. My guess is that Whites, broadly defined are about 60 percent and rapidly falling, given that immigration now is based on a “Yellow Australia policy,” to create an Asian client state, to be ruled over by China.  It is simply insane to suppose that a country can change its ethnic profile without geo-political consequences.  Already Chinese business people with links to the Communist Party, are impacting on the political process, and they have not even warmed up yet.  A critical mass of Asians, probably to be reached in five years, will lead to new political leaders, sympathetic to mother China. Immigration is now the largest proportional to population of any Western nation. It will explode, making Australia a Chinese colony within 20 years.

     The demographic displacement of Whites is in full swing across the West. W. H. Frey in Diversity Explosion: How the New Racial Demographics are Remaking America, (Brookings Institute, Washington DC, 2015), sees American Whites becoming a minority between 2040 and 2050. This is certainly an under-estimation:


The majority of US babies are now “minorities,” which ensures a vast non-white future, regardless of immigration:


Whites are also dying off, relatively faster than other ethno-racial groups:


which along with Latina immigration gives America to the Democrats:


The result of all of the above will be ethno-racial conflict, the likes of which have not been seen, once the economic and resource crunches hit, and people have to really compete for resources:


     There is no easy answer about what to do about this, since Whites have not faced an existential crisis of these dimensions before, and are at pathological levels of cuckiness and deracination.  Arthur Kemp, Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World, (Ostara Publications), suggests that European people, including Euro-Americans, need an ethno-state, or heartland.  Kemp is clear that the vast majority of Whites today have become mindless cretins, “demoralized, degenerated, brain-dead and possess an ever-decreasing IQ and cultural ability,” who will not survive the ecological bottleneck and ultimate crash to come (p. 66).  A super-crash is preferable, he says, to living in a miscegenetic mix of Brazil and the ruins of Detroit. “Once an activist has made peace with this concept – that the white masses are not going to rise en masse and save themselves – and indeed, are not the sort of material from which any heroic race can build itself anew, then and only then, can a realistic solution even be contemplated.” (p. 67)


Many hope to create ethnostates within existing countries, such as in the Northwest of the United States:



although this has the problem of inevitable swamping. An alternative is to set up a new country in Russia, perhaps Siberia, under Russia’s nuclear protection.


      To think like this will involve abandoning conservative ways of thinking, and that will be an obstacle even for those who see the problem in all its horror, stated today.  But, a conventional approach to our survival now seems to be rapidly evaporating.










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