Malcolm Turnbull’s Ethnic Roots by Charles Taylor

Not that ethnicity and race matter, or explain anything at all for we Christian universalists, but, readers may be interested to know that Malcolm Turnbull, according to The Times of Israel, is Jewish as “his mother’s family was Jewish”:

The article says:
Turnbull revealed in a 2013 interview that his mother’s family was Jewish, making him possibly halachically Jewish as well, but that he’d never really researched his background.

“My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish. “I’ve never researched it. I honestly don’t know where or how I would do that,” he told The Australian Jewish News at the time.

In the interview, Turnbull said he grew up in a neighborhood with a large Jewish community and has always been “very comfortable” around Jews. He has a strong connection to the Australian Jewish community, according to reports.

“There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the whole heimishe [“homey” in Yiddish] atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable,” Turnbull said.

So, there you have it.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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