Malcolm Roberts on Zero Net and the Environment, By James Reed

One Nation's Malcolm Roberts issues power-packed comments on each day, which I enjoy and find educating and inspiring. Here is one relevant to our cause, combating climate change alarmism, which threatens industry and farming in Australia and across the West. While the inner-city New Class elites squark on about renewables such as wind turbines solving the imagined climate crisis, the reality for the environment will be thousands of these monstrosities across the countryside and the destruction of forests that the Greens in their past lives fought to protect, by doing things like climbing up buildings like monkeys. And bird life will continue to be shredded, but the Greens don't care for the environment anymore, only global socialism.

"What does Net Zero means for our environment? We're looking at 3,365 wind turbines along the Great Dividing Range of Queensland; an area that has so far escaped industrialisation. This would need to be tripled to more than 9,000 turbines to keep the lights on in summer. There will be 4,132 km of new haulage roads carved into our remote, mountainous wilderness. That means 114,007 HA of classified 'remnant' forests would be impacted by this race towards Net Zero. Our environment, including habitat for vulnerable species, is being destroyed using a false marketing ploy of saving the planet." 



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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