Malcolm Roberts on the Threat of the World Economic Forum By James Reed

Malcolm Roberts does fantastic work for One Nation. He has tweets, or X-s, almost every day, always exposing the foul deeds of the elites, and he connects the dots as well. Here is a good tweet that says that the globalists, as exemplified by the World Economic Forum, are seeking total control over our lives, and the major Australian political parties are going along for the ride, especially with the advancement of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), and the end of cash.

One Nation is opposing all this, so more power to them. It is the party that needs full support at the next election. We really need to kick out the Greens and independents who do not even support an inquiry into why so many Australians are dying, who voted against an inquiry for a third time in the Senate.

"WEF Control of Money — "The party seeks power purely for its own sake" (George Orwell, 1984) The World Economic Forum is not just an economic 'think tank'. It isn't just some bizarre entity that tries to insert itself into our lives with rules about how often we wash our jeans, drive our car, or eat red meat. It's the mouthpiece of the unseen hands manipulating world events. All #WEF vassal states, including Australia, are working on central bank digital currencies (CBDC) while simultaneously closing bank branches, eliminating cash and negatively influencing independent crypto currencies. By manipulating the price of Bitcoin (pump, dump, repeat), the unseen hand destroys trust in the non-CBDC. Explicitly, these governments are doing to nothing to protect or regulate #Crypto because they want private crypto currencies to fail. How does this affect you? CBDCs are the ultimate control tool for governments. #Censorship of free speech using #misinformation laws is even more easily achieved when people's finances are tied to a digital currency controlled by the government. A government promoting a dystopian future. One Nation stands strongly opposed to the Labor party, the globalist Liberals and Greens promoting this dystopian future and coveting the power that comes with it. The choice for voters is clear. #WEFpuppet#globalistparasites#BillionsClub 



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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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