Making Sex Illegal By Mrs Vera West

     I have been waiting for this one, the endgame of feminism and Metooism, making sex “illegal,” and Sweden, the capital of white race suicide is about to do it:

“The left-wing Swedish governing coalition is looking to drastically tighten the country’s sexual consent laws which will require prior verbal or written consent from both partners in the near future.
The government has said the new laws, which will go into effect in July of next year, will require both partners to have explicit verbal or written consent in order to engage in sexual activity, or be open to potential rape charges Die Welt reports.
Previously Swedish law stated that sexual relations were deemed consensual as long as neither partner said “no” except in cases of extreme intoxication. The new legislation claims to only require oral permission beforehand but many have speculated that in a potential rape allegation it would be wiser to have the permission written down on paper.”

     Migrants though, may rape and end up only getting community service:

    Sweden has a more advanced case of the Western disease, “please kill us.”  Britain seems willing to allow its children to be raped and used as sex slaves, because it is already a conquered “nation”:

     While this may give sadomasochistic satisfaction to the elites, will they be laughing when the inevitable crash of the financial system, from ethno-racial cultural undermining, brings down their wealth and power? Have the Dark Lords of Mordor really thought this through to the end: when this world burns down, they will still be on this radioactive planet too. Do they have a death wish too?



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022