Make Mine Meat! By John Steele

Sure, vegetables are good, but only if they decorate a plate of hot red meat! Before I only had my taste prejudice to go by. But, scientific evidence indicates that meat was eaten by pre-historic humans, most of the time. I imagine to push off starvation when animals became scarce, nuts, seeds and fruits and vegetables were reluctantly eaten, just as I do now. Time for a big slab of canned corn beef, cut with my Cold Steel 1917 Frontier Bowie. I just remember going crabbing with my father and his mates in the 1950s, when I was a kid. We camped on the beach, on a cold night, and cooked the crabs. But the best meal was fried Camp Pie with eggs on it, which I gobbled down watching the camp fire, sparks flying up into the darkness of the night.

“Israeli researchers studying the nutrition of Stone Age humans say the species spent some 2 million years as hyper-carnivorous “apex predators” that ate mostly the meat of large animals.

The study at Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Portugal’s University of Minho, challenges views that prehistoric humans were omnivores and that their eating habits can be compared to those of modern humans, TAU said in a statement.

“Our study addresses a very great current controversy – both scientific and non-scientific,” said Prof. Ran Barkai of TAU’s archeology department, one of the researchers. “We propose a picture that is unprecedented in its inclusiveness and breadth, which clearly shows that humans were initially apex predators, who specialized in hunting large animals.”

The results, which were published in the Yearbook of the American Physical Anthropology Association, have implications not only for how we see the past, but also for our modern diets, Barkai maintained. He cited the fad Paleolithic diet, which assumes prehistoric humans ate vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat — making those foods the most natural for consumption.”




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Friday, 19 August 2022