Luc Montagnier on the Covid Mistake By Brian Simpson

Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier has been lashing out at the Covid establishment. Here he attacks the cult of vaccination, seeing it as a threat to human health, believing that the vaccination is creating the variant. True or not, this position needs to be heard and debated, not suppressed like all other aspects. Elsewhere he says that those vaccinated may end up dying off, in what we have called an I am Legend scenario. When I find the reference, I will post it.

“There is no legitimate excuse for the medical police state to have unleashed “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) when the jabs are known to create and spread “variants” of the disease, warns French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier.

Calling the injections an “enormous” and “unacceptable mistake,” Montagnier is sounding the alarm about how the jabs are causing and spreading the Chinese Virus among both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, which is going to lead to disaster.

“It’s an enormous mistake, isn’t it? A scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake,” he stated during a recent interview. “The history books will show that because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

Many believe that Montagnier is being too kind by calling it a mistake when it seems obvious that this was all planned long in advance for this very purpose to create the problem rather than “cure” it.

At least he is talking about it, though. Many other epidemiologists and virologists are choosing to remain “silent” about the “antibody-dependent enhancement” that occurs after people are injected with these chemical cocktails.

“It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger,” he told Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media in an interview earlier this month.

While it is certainly possible that some variants are occurring without the help of vaccines, the mass vaccination drive, he says, is clearly causing a bulk of the problem.

“What does the virus do? Does it die or find another solution?” he asked. “It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.”

Vaccinating during a pandemic is “unthinkable,” Montagnier says.

There should not even be vaccinations being administered during a pandemic, Montagnier added, calling the notion “unthinkable” – and yet here we are with medical “experts” everywhere telling us that this is a good thing.

Injecting people with chemicals directly associated with a circulating virus will only make the problem worse, he implied, noting that we are now seeing the same trends all over the world post-injection.

“The new variants are a production and result from the vaccination. You see it in each country, it’s the same: in every country, deaths follow vaccination.”

Montagnier spoke out last spring as well, warning that the Wuhan Flu was clearly lab-created and did not just come from some bats at a wet market.

He also warned the world that the genetically modified (GMO) virus had been spliced to contain the DNA of HIV …

Ever since Chinese Virus injections were introduced, the disease and death rate has only continued to skyrocket, the latest data shows. Especially among young people, the death count has “exploded” in every county where the jabs are now being widely administered.

The fake news media is calling each of these cases “breakthrough,” the sentiment being that they are abnormal. The truth, however, is that vaccine-caused variants are the norm, and more people would realize that if only they would take the time to look at the science for themselves.

“The technology for the faux vaccines is the same as that used to produce GMO plants,” one commenter at LifeSiteNews noted.

“Seeds from GMO plants cannot be saved and sown the next year which can be done with non-GMO seeds. Why does the doctor assume that a man-made virus will mutate normally? Is this another prevarication from the news media?”




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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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