London is No City for White People By Richard Miller (London)

THe title and material is from the great Dissent Right writer, Jim Goad. He has summed up London better than anyone I know. The city has simply ceased to be part of the traditional West.

“On May 6, London will be holding a mayoral election, and according to a recent poll, none of the current top four candidates are white men, despite the fact that London is still a majority-white city, if not for long. Those top four — a Pakistani Muslim, a Jamaican black, a blonde-haired woman who at least appears to be white, and a Jewish woman with “Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian, and Austro-Hungarian ancestry” — are currently eating up 89% of the polling figures.

Two white men — one a British-born actor, the other an American-born financier — are taking the fifth and sixth spots, sharing only a meager 7% between them. Tellingly, the Standard describes them as “fringe candidates.” Laurence Fox, the British actor, even gained “notoriety” when he accused a mixed-race female TV presenter of being a “racist” after she accused him of being “white, privileged male.”

It doesn’t take much to be notorious these days, does it?

Current London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s grandparents immigrated to England from Pakistan, and when he became mayor in 2016, it marked the first time in history that a Muslim was elected mayor of a major European city. Judging from his campaign video for reelection, one might think that London is three-quarters black rather than 15%. He calls himself a “proud feminist,” has vowed to show “zero tolerance for anti-Semitism,” and he vocally opposes “homophobia,” whatever that is. According to his Wikipedia page, “He and his family often encountered racism,” as if that’s something that can be proved. Under his watch, knife crime has skyrocketed in London and the city has surpassed New York in its homicide rate for the first time in history, but hey — he’s against racism and homophobia  … The latest YouGov poll has him at 47%, and … it’s almost certain he’ll be reelected.

His closest competitor, standing at 26%, is … Shaun Bailey, whose parents immigrated to England from Jamaica in 1947. Bailey was involved in gang activity as a youth … he said that blacks are more compatible with indigenous Britons “because we’ve shared a religion and in many cases a language.” Despite all that, his Wikipedia page says he “was subject to racism during the campaign on social media and in a letter posted to a Conservative party office.”

It would appear that everyone except white people is subjected to endless racism in England these days.

Oh — Bailey is running as the Conservative Party’s candidate, which brings into question exactly what he aims to conserve.

Coming in a distant third in the polls with 9% is the Green Party’s Sian Berry, a phenotypically white woman who claims that the Greens are “the only truly independent voice who can speak for the dispossessed and ignored people in the gaps.” …

Rounding out the Four Horsemen and Horsewomen of London’s Apocalypse is Luisa Porritt of the Liberal Democrats, … who is currently polling at 7%.

And then come the “fringe candidates” — the two white guys.

Laurence Fox — an “outspoken and often controversial actor” — is reppin’ the “fringe” Reclaim Party, which seeks to do extremist things such as ending the COVID lockdowns and building new statues rather than tearing down old ones. He is currently holding on to dear life with a piddling 4%.

Nipping at Fox’s heels with 3% is American-born banker and podcaster Brian Rose, who threatens to end life on the planet as we know it by “using science-based decisions when it comes to setting policy.”

As recently as March 28, another white male, Dr. Peter Gammons of the UKIP, was polling in fifth place, but according to the most recent YouGov poll, he has all but vanished from contention. VICE magazine published a smarmy article about how cutely coincidental it is that the term “gammon” emerged around 2018 as “an insult that refers to a certain kind of angry, puce, middle-aged white man who loves Brexit, hates immigrants, and votes Conservative (or indeed UKIP).” Then, after insulting angry white men, VICE scoffed at the idea that white men can even be insulted, seeing as they still hold all the power.

None of these smarmy …MSM pundits seem to think it’s even a tiny bit weird that London’s top two mayoral candidates are Asian and black in a country that is still about 85% white and only about 8% Asian and 3% black. To them, this isn’t racial colonialism — it’s “justice.”

A hundred years ago, when that tiny little soggy island nation with horrendous weather and scant natural resources was unapologetically English, it boasted the largest empire in world history in terms of landmass, claiming nearly a quarter of all the planet’s terra firma and gloating that the sun never set on its domain.

Then the English were persuaded to feel guilty rather than proud about it, and now the sun is setting on England itself. These days, England is not even listed among the world’s “potential superpowers.”

Such is progress, I guess.”

The United Kingdom is set to disappear, all from white guilt. But, as good old   Jim Goad says, that’s show business!




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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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