Life without China? By James Reed

I have been saying this for years, but really Australia could live well if the rest of the world disappeared, magically. Just follow the thought experiment, if some Cartesian demon eliminated the people of the rest of the world, we would have food, water, resources to live as high, or higher, than now. Some bs tech we would not need because its aim is for globalism, but if we thought localist, and nationalist, we would never be globally humiliated by the likes of China. We would know freedom and national pride, instead of being worms.

“Australia should diversify its trading partners and stop relying on China amid growing tensions with the communist superpower, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan says.

Appearing on the Today Show on Wednesday morning, he said Australia did not need trading partners who were 'bullies'.

'Twenty years ago we basically did no trade with China. I can remember what it was like in Australia 20 years ago, it was a pretty good place,' he said.

'We are still going to be a pretty good place as long as we keep our values and principles dear and cherished.'

Senator Canavan's comments weren't entirely accurate. 

In 2000, Japan was still Australia's No. 1 trading partner with China in seventh position behind the United States, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK.”

Ok smarty pants, make it the 1950s then, or the early part of the century……, where Australia had a manufacturing industry. It seems to me that our elites have always been second rate, and more like pimps, pardon the French, than movers and shakers. Their goal is to get quick bucks of real estate scams which is why they love migration so much, to create competition for the basic resource of land. What a country, what a disappointment. So much blood shed, all for nothing in the end. It all has led to this, got you chumps! This is what it is like to be modern slaves.

“Chinese media has warned that Australia is 'economically dependent on China' and that attempts to diversify wine exports are futile.

The Global Times newspaper, which is overseen by the communist government, made the claim in response to pledge by politicians around the world to buy Aussie wine after Beijing effectively banned it last week.

An article posted on Wednesday night said that politicians supporting Australian producers should 'realise that Australia is economically dependent on China.'

It said that Beijing can easily replace Australian wine and other products like barley - which have been hit with heavy tariffs - but Australian exporters cannot find enough customers without China. 

'Don't forget when China imposes tariffs on Australian wine and barley, other countries can replace Australia's market share in China, and almost immediately,' the article read.

The article also cited several Australian media reports which said Australian wine makers - many of whom only export to China - will struggle to sell into Europe and the US where domestic wine is preferred.

In 2019 exports to China made up 33 per cent of Australia's total exports, bringing in $153billion.

Australia's second-biggest customer was Japan which took 13 per cent of exports.

Exporters have been advised to diversify their customer base as relations with Beijing decline - but this takes time and some argue the Chinese market of 1.4billion increasingly wealthy people can never be replaced.

However, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Wednesday said that exports to China are not crucial for Australia's economy and that domestic spending is more important.

'Consumption is 60 per cent of GDP. So consumption is absolutely key,' he said.”

Hey, if you really want to get tough, why not prohibit Chinese students going to Australia? That would be interesting. Give the universities another taste of their beloved globalism!

“The escalating tensions with China have exposed just how tight the Asian superpower's grip is on the Australian economy, both in terms of trade and its ownership of important local assets.

As Beijing becomes increasingly belligerent toward Australia, the latter's heavy reliance upon Chinese money has been exposed as vulnerability instead of a strength.

China now owns key ports, mines, agricultural land, dairy processors, valuable real estate, state-sponsored schools, plus water and energy companies. 

The rosy days of 2015 - when the Northern Territory government decided to lease the Port of Darwin to Chinese-owned company Landbridge for 99 years - now seem long gone, but such deals cannot be undone. 

The controversial $500million deal was called into question at the time by then US President Barack Obama. 

Northern Territory Labor MP Luke Gosling said the lease is a concern because all Chinese companies - even those privately owned - are 'still accountable to Beijing', especially one that owns critical infrastructure abroad. 

He wrote in an article for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that the deal was less about business and more about Chinese strategic interests - and the notorious Belt and Road Initiative.

The global development plan is a key policy of President Xi Jinping and China aims to build and own infrastructure in as many countries throughout the world as possible to increase those nations' dependence on China.”

This is the endgame of all that talk of Asianisation back in the 1990s, which was simply a   prelude to Chinese colonisation. At the time of the MPF, remember that sham, our pimp elites were counting on Japan to rule us, but now they back China. We have been ruled by traitors, while the “good men” have done nothing, or next to nothing, enjoying temporary affluence and comfort, while the future evaporates.




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Monday, 22 April 2024

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