Life On Mars? Life On Earth? By Brian Simpson

     Claims are circulating that life from Mars has been discovered in a meteorite spat out which landed on Earth. Maybe, maybe not. But the real question is will one day meteorites from a dead Earth be sent return to sender to Mars, to perhaps start the cycle over again, or at least to cause some extra-terrestrial explorers to ponder, what the hell went on here?

“SCIENTISTS have raised hope there could be life on Mars after fossilised bacteria was found in a meteorite from the Red Planet. Experts say they have found microfilaments created by fossilised Martian microbes on the meteorite, known as ALH-77005, after using advanced imaging techniques. Dr Ildiko Gyollai and his team from the Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS) Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences used optical microscopy and infrared technology to study the textures and features of the thin sample of ALH-77005. The textures and features left behind by organisms are called “biosignatures”. They also analysed the minerals in the stone and undertook isotope tests to find out if there were any chemical compounds required for sustaining life. The rock they had been looking at was discovered in Antarctica by the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research on a mission from 1977-78. The researchers concluded the microscopic filaments could be evidence of bacteria that survive by eating iron dust. The study's authors said in the paper: “Comparing recent results and interpretation with other meteorites, it can be raised, that on these similarities the microbially mediated biosignatures can be proposed microbial mediation by iron oxidising bacteria on Mars.”

     My guess is that this latest so-called discovery will be just like the 1996 NASA claims that led to nothing. My uneducated opinion is that we are indeed alone in the universe. If life on Earth is destroyed, then “that’s all folks.”

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Sunday, 03 July 2022