Letter to The Honourable Tim Fisher

Dear Mr Fisher
A couple of weeks ago I heard you being interviewed by an A.B.C. chap relative to the coming Centenary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railway line at Ooldea on 19 October 1916. I want to thank you for drawing attention to this historic achievement. But, perhaps more importantly, draw your attention to the manner in which the project was financed. The financial lesson of the past should be broadcast far and wide.

The two enclosed booklets (http://alor.org/Library/Amos%20DJ%20-%20Commonwealth%20Bank.pdf) detail how the Commonwealth Bank of Australia of Andrew Fisher, King O'Malley and Sir Denison Miller delivered quite remarkable benefits to our Nation for a period of about 12 years before the private banking cartel effectively castrated the Nations "peoples’ Bank".

You could do the people of our Nation a wonderful service by drawing attention to the manner in which Sir Denison Miller financed our country through a period of great turmoil without incurring National Debt. It is worth pointing out that, beginning in 1912 with £12,000 and no further Government financial assistance his activities funded the First World War effort, financed primary production through the shocking 1914 drought, financed first home owner loans for thousands of people AND FINANCED THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION.

At a time when our Nation is economically stalled, with thousands of skilled mining and earthmoving personnel effectively out of work, their machinery idle and tens of thousands of miles of outback roads knitting maintenance or rebuilding, (never mind our rail system!!!) It is a disgrace that we do not follow the actions of Sir Denison Miller… But then, we do have a Prime Minister who was a senior executive with the Goldman Sachs, hardly likely to take on the private banking cartel!

I hope you enjoy reading of a time when we as a people WERE in control of our financial Destiny, capable of delivering the Transcontinental Railway line. I imagine you will be a distinguished Speaker at the functions to be held. It would be most constructive to draw attention to how Sir Denison Miller effectively delivered the railway line he financed.
Yours Sincerely
Peter Davis
Port Lincoln, SA



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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