Letter to The Editor - Unjust and Destabilising Change to our Book of Rules

     Lyn Mitchell asks why Malcolm Turnbull is ‘taking on nearly all of Tony Abbott’s policies’ (8/8). Perhaps because they are wise and he is bowing, albeit reluctantly, to reality.  ‘Stopping the boats’ is a vital first step in curbing immigration into this continent and maintaining a reasonable quality of life here. A plebiscite on marriage gives all Australian citizens a chance to indicate their wishes. Climate change is a reality, but whether and to what degree it is caused by humankind is a question still being debated.
     On one issue the PM will be wise not to follow in Abbott’s footsteps: constitutional recognition. The Constitution should not be tampered with to favour one small group at the expense of the great majority. Recognition, yes, of course; it already happens in many ways; but not by unjust and destabilising change to our book of rules which has long protected our free way of life and largely civil society.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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