Letter to The Editor - The essence of this case against is fourfold

To The Age        Current reporting of moves for constitutional recognition of indigenous Australians almost invariably assumes that such would be a good thing ("MP warns against rush on indigenous recognition", 29/5). The inadequate space given to the very powerful case against such a constitutional change suggests that ideology is trumping fair play and that powerful interests behind the scenes are not willing to encourage a genuine national debate prior to a "managed" referendum. The essence of this case against is fourfold. (1) The credentials of "indigenous" spokespeople and urgers for this cause are suspect, as are the history and principles invoked. (2) The campaign is divisive and endangers national unity, as Keith Windschuttle and other analysts have shown. (3) The proposal is fundamentally inequitable and is unfair to other Australians (the great majority). (4) A new and unwelcome element of unjust racial discrimination would be introduced into the Constitution.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave


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Wednesday, 17 August 2022