Letter to the Editor - The Election

     Make sure LNP controls the House of Representatives. Number all squares, put all Greens last and ALP second last. Beware of “Independents” – they may be turncoats like Windsor and Oakshott a while back. Make sure neither ALP/Greens nor LNP control the Senate. Pick sensible minor parties and give them your first vote. Keep numbering until you get to the LNP so your vote does not expire. Put Greens dead last on every ballot paper and ALP just above them. On the Senate keep numbering until you reach the LNP and give no votes to ALP/Greens. The main aim of Saltbush is to change the climate of public opinion. Politicians are driven by public opinion, which drives voting behaviour. So we need to change public opinion. It only needs a couple of percent of people to switch, and politicians will notice, and trim their sails to the new wind.

     We can only do that if we can communicate subversive ideas as widely as possible among opinion leaders, media and the public. In an attempt to change public opinions we have been releasing (every day) statements designed to dramatise and highlight the stupidity of the climate/energy policies or all major parties. Most of them are here:


     And here are Saltbush Priorities, which have not changed:

     It would help our campaign if all supporters circulated these links or individual posts as far as possible to your mail lists and on social media. Pls help, time is short. DO IT NOW before the election. If you have a web site, a mail list or can post on social media pls contact us and we will also add you to our list to get every new article and statement as it is released so you can help spread it around.

  Viv Forbes


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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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