Letter to The Editor: "Separatism" through Recognition an Irrational Fear

Ref: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/separatism-through-indigenous-recognition-an-irrational-fear/news-story/b042fef00118e5a6b727bdaf9ee731b2
Shireen Morris unjustly and ineffectively disparages concerns that the push for Aboriginal constitutional recognition masks a plan to press for full Aboriginal sovereignty involving the political division of this continent ('"Separatism" through recognition an irrational fear', 29-30/10). Her claim that 'very few indigenous Australians want a separate state in the international sense' contradicts Keith Windschuttle's view, based on his quotation of mainstream Aboriginal leaders such as Patrick Dodson and Marcia Langton. Morris simply ignores the detailed evidence he provided, wrongly suggesting that only 'far Left' Aboriginal extremists seek full sovereignty and that they pose no threat.

Other matters Windschuttle mentioned that are also inadequately addressed by Morris include: (1) the danger of UNO interference through its Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (partly written by Dodson!), (2) the possibility of ill-advised constitutional change through 'legal adventurism' by High Court judges, and (3) the likelihood of an Aboriginal state's forming alliances with other nations against Australia's interests.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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