Letter to The Editor - Difficulty of Changing the Constitution

     No better example of political gobbledegook could be found than the promise of the Leader of the Opposition to make the constitution ‘better, more equal, more Australian’ (‘Shorten backs Indigenous “voice”’, 6/8). Equality does not permit of degree. To what does he intend to ‘equalise’ our constitution, which is already completely Australian?
     It is chilling to see the ALP leader backing a ‘truth-telling commission’. Shades of Stalinism and Maoism! His language (‘the right-wing rump’ of the Liberal Party) is also coarse and uncivil. As for his support of a ‘treaty’, the Australian people are currently one; and a people does not enter into a treaty with itself. He says that Aboriginal Australians do not need a ‘lecture about the difficulty of changing the constitution,’ but he evidently does.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Monday, 04 March 2024

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