Letter to The Editor

Niki Savva is denying reality in claiming that 'nobody won this election' ('When they go low, we go high - so far, anyway', 10/11). Trump won; American conservatism won, not 'left-wing populism', as Greg Sheridan suggests; intellectual freedom won, for now we will be spared the planned Obama-Clinton censorship of the internet; the spirit of reform won, for a corrupt US badly needs that; realism on racial and ethnic matters won, for most people still identify with their own folk and the principle of 'big family' deserves respect not 'anti-racist' derision; and peace won, for Trump will disengage from Middle Eastern adventurism as he tries to rebuild his nation.

'Every decent conservative denounced Trump or separated from him,' Savva adds. Not so at all. Did she not read former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan's columns or those published by distinguished intellectual Kevin MacDonald and others in 'The Occidental Observer' or Cory Bernardi's statement?
NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Monday, 27 May 2024

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