Letter to the Editor

Fifty years ago the average working New Zealander worked less hours than today. Most mums were able to be full-time mums. How come with all the labour-saving advances we now work longer hours, have a longer working life, and only a small percentage of mums can afford to be full time homemakers?

There is no physical reason why this should be. The unthinking, in particular politicians it seems, who forever cry that governments should create jobs and pursue full employment, have not considered the absurdity of this. Many sources are now predicting that as much as half of existing jobs will be replaced over the next few decades by technical advances and robotics.

I suspect that those pushing to eliminate Easter trading restrictions are motivated by idealism rather than economic realities. That idealism wants to destroy all connections this country has to its religious heritage - a heritage that did not put bean-counting before family and community life.

I suggest that “our” politicians have a look into why all economic trading presently leaves an ever larger trail of unrepayable financial debt, instead of concocting hair-brained schemes for increasing employment and trading when we all ought to be enjoying expanding economic freedom.

BD, New Zealand



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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