Lessons in Fragility and Frugality By James Reed

     One thing that I think the coronapocalpyse should have taught normies, is that most of modern life is just bs and we can do without almost all of it, and would be better off to. Brett Stevens is smarter than me, as I am nobody, and nothing, and proud of it, and he puts it well:

“Crises tend to reveal us, just as characters in novels only come to know themselves when pushed. Our brush with the Wuhan AIDS-Flu has shown two things: first, that our society has no internal loyalty or trust; second, that we can do without most of it and are in fact better off. Did we need three hundred different types of soft drinks? Nope, we needed water, meat/veg, and toilet paper. Did we need three thousand government agencies? Nope, just basic law enforcement. We did not need the entertainment industry, most of the media, or politicians either. People are starting to notice that life without the endless activity for the sake of activity of modern society is not only more peaceful, but less ugly: Within days of the closure, Venetians were startled to see that their canals and perimeter waterways be calmed. Without the usual human tumult churning the waters, the canals were suddenly still and clear. Tourism exists because people need a substitute for the actual good life. They work all year doing little of importance at their tool jobs, taking demands seriously that amount to little more than people grandstanding to seem important so they can claim more money. This money, by the way, comes from the past, and the inventions we made from structured law through technology that enable us to get by with less work. Instead of taking time off, however, we are all in competition for importance, thanks to equality, so we all labor endlessly on make-work.

Right now, the Left is pushing for this pandemic to be the final war that covers all of the Earth in  socialism and diversity, but in the hearts of our people, several things have died, and not a moment too soon. First, diversity has died. When your community consists of multiple ethnic groups, they compete, since only one can rule all and no one trusts the “we swear to treat you like anyone else” schtick coming from another ethnic group. Everyone wants power. All desire it invisibly through money if possible. Second, globalism has died. Nations which cannot manufacture their own aerators, ibuprofen, syringes, and chloroquine have found themselves at the mercy of others, and often missing out. Those which depend on foreign labor to keep their institutions running similarly encounter problems. Finally, faith in modern society has died. All that chrome and glass, all of the promises of modern medicine and the “scientific truth” spread by our new gods in industry and media, and the perceived power of modern society over nature have become transparent veils. We can see through them now. Now that they have failed, and have failed to protect us or tell us anything resembling the truth, we no longer trust them. Our leaders seem to have trusted China, which lied about how far the epidemic had spread, and then came up with no useful solutions.”

     Agreed. Perhaps this is the first time that normies will be able to see that the whole world is built on a foundation of bs, and runs on deception, smoke and mirrors.



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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