Left Wing Prime Minister Beijing Albo Goes to Kow Tow to Communist China Dictator Xi By James Reed

Australian prime minister Leftist Albo is in China, doing the typical kow tow that all Left-wing politicians do to their object of worship, China. I do not exaggerate by too much; Breitbart.com has covered the story, and portrays Albo of something of a Xi fanboy, an embarrassment, indeed. And Albo said that it was a special time, being the 50th anniversary of fellow Leftoid Gough Whitlam, who visited China and gushed all over Chairman Mao.


Even Beijing Biden has personally warned Albo about trusting China, but it seems to have gone in one ear, and out the other, much like most things go with Biden, but at least on this one he got it right.


As for the prime minister’s excited claim of an improvement in the China-Australia relationship, we must wait and see what happens with an invasion of Taiwan by the PLA. Apparently Pine Gap is now involved in aiding Israel in the war against Hamas, so when a China Taiwan conflict occurs, and Pine Gap cops a nuclear missile to disrupt the US response, we can re-assess China-Australia relations.





“Australia’s left-wing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese found it hard to contain his excitement Monday ahead of a personal meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Albanese is on a four-day visit to the Communist state, splitting his time between Shanghai and Beijing, in the first such visit by an Australian leader in seven years.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader said the occasion was “a historic time for me” coming on the 50th anniversary of another left-wing Australian PM Gough Whitlam being the first Australian prime minister to officially visit China.

Albanese is being accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, who met China’s foreign minister on Monday afternoon in the capital while Albanese readied for his Xi talks.

Albanese retraced history on Monday with a private tour of the Temple of Heaven – one of the first stops for Whitlam on his official visit to Beijing in 1973, the Daily Mail reports.

‘The progress we have made in advancing our relationship (since meeting Mr Xi a year ago) has been unquestionably very positive,’ Albanese said.

‘I believe that we can all benefit from the greater understanding that comes from high level dialogue and people to people links and that a strong relationship between our two countries will be beneficial into the future.

‘Where differences arise, it’s important that we have communication.’

The comments come after Albanese was cautioned about relations with China by U.S. President Joe Biden while in Washington for a state visit.

Biden warned Albanese against fully trusting China as he pledged to stick by Australia because both countries were Pacific nations, invoking former president Ronald Reagan’s attitude towards the Soviet Union.

“Trust but verify, is the phrase,” Biden said, the Australian Financial Review reports.

“China is having their own internal and external difficulties right now. China’s economic growth is stagnant compared to what it was. China has engaged in activities, that Russia and many others have engaged in, in terms of intimidation and dealing with other countries.

“The Belt and Road Initiative has ended as a debt … [a] noose for most of the people signed on.”




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Monday, 04 March 2024

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