Kill All Men? By Mrs Vera West

     Here is the next level of madness of feminism, as Jayson Veley notes:

“Recently, an editor for the Huffington Post declared on Twitter that she wanted to see women band together to kill all men. The tweet was deleted shortly after, but that didn’t stop some conservative news outlets from picking up on it. The tweet came from Emily McCombs, a radical feminist who serves as the Huffington Post’s “Editorial Director of Parents.” Even though McCombs deleted the post after realizing how sick and twisted it was to publicly declare her support for the murder of millions of innocent people based solely on their genitalia, The Daily Caller was thankfully able to record the exact Tweet before it was deleted.
“New Year’s resolutions: 1, Cultivate female friendships. 2, Band together to kill all men,” McCombs wrote on Twitter on December 29. Obviously, this editor for the Huffington Post is lacking a few brain cells, not only because she believes that the entire male population should be wiped out, but also because she thought it would be a good idea to announce such an extreme view on social media.”

     There are many of these wild pronouncements that have been made over the years by radical feminists. The real kicker is, that none of them are butch enough to carry out their threats! How, my dears, do you intend to take on even one hairy red-necked, gun-carrying man, let alone them all? Didn’t you write about male violence, and toxic masculinity? Isn’t that something which should not be lightly dismissed by your tough talk?

Typical of feminism, the issues are never addressed.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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