John Lennon and the Beatles: Musicians of the New World Order by Bruce Bennett

With Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) getting the Nobel Prize, people have been thinking about the contributions of Beatle, John Lennon, especially what he gave the “new morality.”
A good article deconstructing Lennon from an Alt Right perspective is by Roosh, “John Lennon’s “Imagine” Programmed You to Accept the Globalism Nightmare,”, October 24, 2016. As Roosh points out, this song is the most open in promoting globalism and communism:

“Imagine there’s no countries,”
“no religion, too”;
“Imagine there’s no heaven,”
“Imagine no possessions,”
“a brotherhood of man.”

In Lennon’s later recordings of the song he sings “and sisterhood of man,” no doubt prompted by his wife Yoko Ono, Hillary Clinton’s mate.

Roosh is right: “While there are many pop songs that are now jarring to my ears because of how “useful” the lyrics are for destroying any notion of traditional society, Imagine takes the cake for the most blatantly socialist song that is still prized for its message, even though its vision was already attempted in the Soviet Union to the tune of tens of millions dead.”

There is also a good critique of Lennon’s universalism given from a Jewish perspective by Melanie Phillips at The Jerusalem Post,
“John Lennon’s imagined utopia leads straight to the barbarities of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.”

We are in agreement; it could not have been put starker.  This shows just how wrong, wrong, wrong, this Lennon guy was.

Lennon was just an early rock/media/entertainment star promoting globalist nonsense and today the role is played by many others, who are all coming out in support of Queen Hillary. Some of these people are degenerates, which Lennon wasn’t, who delight in doing sexually perverse shocking things, and speaking obscenities by the septic tank load. Yet Hillary joyfully embraces them.  It is of course ironic that all of these people are fabulously wealthy, live in mansions, and are usually anti-gun, but have armed body guards.
Still, there are Beatles’ songs with excellent titles, but not-so-excellent lyrics.

My suggestion: “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” (White Album, November 22, 1968). Emphasis on “gun.”



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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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