John Kerry: No Room for BS on Carbon dioxide! By James Reed

US Presidential Climate Envoy, John Kerry, sees carbon dioxide as an existential threat to civilization, and that we must get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. How exactly he intends to do this, with China blasting away is anyone’s guess. But, it is the sort of empty rhetoric that Leftist intellectuals like, giving them warm and fuzzy feelings, while eating their rich food, and drinking chardonnay. The entire climate change circus stinks of hypocrisy. If these people were Buddhist monks, living a humble life, we could take their critique of consumerism seriously. But, this is far from so.


“The presidential ‘Climate Envoy’ John Kerry raised the bar in the global fight to combat global warming Thursday; telling viewers streaming the event online that “we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”

“You said twice that getting to net-zero is going to be hard. Just to remind everybody, that will depend on whether or not we have some breakthrough technologies. Even if we get to net-zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This is a bigger challenge,” said Kerry.

‘Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry’ confirmed Friday that the USA has rejoined the Paris Climate agreement; saying it’s “good to be back.”

“Well, the scientists told us three years ago we have 12 years to avert the worst consequences of climate crisis,” Kerry responded. “We are now three years gone so we have nine years left.”

“There is no room for B.S. anymore. There’s no faking it on this one,” he added.”

This guy sounds to me like he is full of bs. If there are really only nine years left, then forget it, it is impossible to turn the ship around in that time. Much better to eat drink and be merry.



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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