John Howard on Free speech? A Little Bit Too Late, John By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Former PM John Howard – remember him? – wrote in The Weekend Australian, June 24-25, 2017, p. 20 about “Threats Anew to Freedom of Religion, Speech.”  Oh, the irony of someone, claiming to be a conservative, who did nothing to roll back section 18C, and who advanced the agenda of mass Asian immigration, to such an extent that he lost his own seat: Peter Wilkinson, The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes, (2007).

But, that is water under the bridge now, as the once good ship Oz, slowly sinks, from taking on too much water. The pumps have long ago failed.

     Howard’s article deals with examples of what he calls “minority fundamentalism,” seen in the same sex marriage debate, which he discusses, along with the Islamisation issue. He cites a book by Peter Kurti, The Tyranny of Tolerance (2017), which Howard wrote a preface to: I have not read the book.

     I think we have heard much of this before. Long-given freedoms have gone, or are fast going, and the Left and globalists are only just getting warmed up: the full frontal assault has not even happened yet. The Labor Party will push anti-discrimination law into directions undreamt of even in the politically correct daydreams of today’s  law students:

     Surprisingly, the mainstream press is now talking about how cultural Marxism has infiltrated and dominate the core institutions of the West, such as the churches, schools and universities, with some articles even citing our old favourites such as W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist: This article by Maurice Newman, gives a concise over-view of the extent of the march of cultural Marxism.  He concludes, lest anyone here think that dystopian thought is reserved for our writers, that we “can expect financial and economic crises to intensify, living standards to fall, confidence in our democratic system to sink further and, like Greece, Venezuela and the rest, the economy to finally collapse.” Now where have I read such thoughts before?
Germany is already far down the track, controlling any speech which the Deep State does not like: All of this is done in the name of “tolerance.” Whenever I hear the word “tolerance” I reach for my intolerance pills.

     It is one of the unwritten laws of Freedom Movement writing not to say that the game is all over, and that the enemy has landed, but let’s say it anyway. Does anyone remember truth, however unpleasant it may be? If someone were planning of coming to kill you in your sleep tonight wouldn’t you want to know before the event, to make some sort of Plan B or Z?

     The cold hard reality of this psycho-political cultural war is that the liberal values of the past have been defeated, and what remains is just a remnant which is rapidly drying up.  Conservatives will be happy to defend a rapidly depleting water source, rather than deal with why this is all happening, and who is responsible, and how to end this battle for all time (or until the next time that good men do nothing, seduced by the comforts of over-civilisation). Things have been left in the fire for so long, that there may not be anything to pull out unburnt to  “conserve.” The only faint hope may be rebuilding after a massive collapse, if that can be done:



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