Jim Goad on the “White Supremacists’” Burning of America By Chris Knight

     So, the dreaded white supremacists were the ones in blackface, and dressed as antifa retard Leftoids, burning, looting and murdering. That explains everything:

“Giving credence to suspicions that rioting has engulfed the nation for four months now without officials lifting a pinkie finger to stop it because it’s actually part of a Deep State operation to rebuild the nation the way they want it rebuilt, the FBI recently took pains to announce that, no, Antifa was definitively NOT responsible for a spate of Oregon wildfires. Giving credence to suspicions that the mainstream press is merely a PR arm of the Deep State, many high-profile publications have taken great pains to assure us that, no, it hasn’t been Antifa and BLM torching and smashing and beating and killing since late May—it’s been “white supremacists” all along. Their words would lead an unquestioning soul to believe that despite the ample evidence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa “protesters” setting fire to police precincts and federal buildings and fast-food joints and car dealerships and public housing-facilities under construction in cities such as Madison, Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Rochester, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Portland, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Nashville, Denver, Washington, DC, Madison, Richmond and states such as Nebraska, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, these were just white supremacists in blackface and communist apparel. They even want us to know that when rioters and their enablers chant or tweet “burn it down,” they don’t actually mean it literally. Or at least not all the time.

Newsweek recently quoted a certain “Donna Zuckerberg” on this very topic:

‘Burn it all down’ isn’t always a genuine recommendation. Sometimes it’s just an expression of extreme frustration, recognition that something is so deeply flawed that gradual incremental change within existing infrastructure won’t cut it. It’s a provocation and a challenge to imagine how, if you had a blank slate, you’d go about solving big problems in creative, radical ways. It’s also a kind of self-care, an anti-gaslighting technique that allows space to acknowledge how bad and hurtful something is before we begin the long, hard, painful work of making it better. Gaslighting? Zuckerberg, please! What are they extremely frustrated about? The fact that in very rare cases, violent black suspects with long criminal histories get shot when they’re dumb enough to resist arrest and assault police? “Have you noticed that not one of the tools who chant ‘burn it down’ has proposed what they plan to do after the only thing left is ashes?”

Sounds kind of juvenile and mental. For years, psychiatrists have linked arson with mental illness. And it’s also a common behavior among fledgling serial killers. The other day I honestly asked online if the next trend would be torturing animals in the name of social justice and was informed that it’s already happened. A Louisville TV station recently quoted John Jay Johnson, leader of a black militia group called the Not F****** Around Coalition, about what he meant back in July when he said this about Breonna Taylor—a woman who was accidentally shot by police after her dope-slinging boyfriend shot at police first—meant when he said this back in July: If we … don’t get the truth … the whole truth … and the … truth, we are going to burn this … down. The truth? When did these flagrantly inarticulate imbeciles give a fig about the truth? Johnson’s response: That’s a million-dollar question. Nobody with good sense would think you would come in like the old days with torches and burn the town down. That doesn’t serve the purpose. ‘Burn it down’ means to take down the systems that are in place that have held us up. In other words, we need those answers and we need those answers now. No one has issued a threat to burn down the town. We don’t break the law. Well, it seems as if at least a few hundred of your allies didn’t get the memo, sir. And your jibber-jabber about “racism” rings hollow when one of your own members showed up in Stone Mountain, GA challenging “crackers” to a gun battle.”

     Only in America. Still it is reassuring to know that all of the violent, looting rapes and murders are done by white supremacists dressed up like Blacks and antifa. The real diverse folks are too busy working building the country to want to burn it down. Just ask the FBI, that shining tower of truth and justice. Trump will give you a reference about them:

“An ex-FBI lawyer is expected to admit falsifying a document that was used as part of the inquiry into alleged Russian interference with the 2016 US presidential election. Kevin Clinesmith's plea deal comes as prosecutors investigate the origins of the investigation by Robert Mueller. His inquiry found no criminal conspiracy between Moscow and the Trump campaign, though it did not clear the president of obstructing justice. Mr Trump says it was a "witch hunt". What did the ex-FBI lawyer do? Mr Clinesmith is due to accept responsibility for altering an email used to obtain permission to wiretap a Trump campaign aide. The email from another FBI official was changed to suggest that the aide, Carter Page, had never been a CIA "source" - whereas Mr Page was in fact a CIA informant. The document was cited in support of the contention that there was "probable cause" to suspect Mr Page was "a knowing agent" of Russia. The charges against Mr Clinesmith - who during his time at the FBI had been critical of Mr Trump - stem from a US justice department investigation into the origins of the Mueller inquiry.”

     Nice lads, clean cut.



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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