Jeremy Clarkson Returns Fire By Richard Miller (London)

The woke system has moved to cancel outspoken celebrity Jeremy Clackson. He has returned fire with an article saying that the Left have launched a civil war against society, one which they are clearly winning. While not saying anything we have not covered, his article is well-worth a read, as he is on the same page as the journalists at  Clarkson was a big name too, so his cancellation shows that no-one is safe from the woke system, if they make the slightest critique of the regime. Just witness the cancellation of Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, who has been savagely attacked for merely stating biological truths that not too long ago were considered beyond criticism.

“My son came over for a father-and-son pre-football supper the other day, and as he fussed over the Aga, making a particularly fine stir fry, we laughed about what innocuous word had been banned that day and who’d been cancelled. And then, after a pause, he said with a solemn face, “You do know there’s a war going on, don’t you?”

He wasn’t talking about Ukraine. He was talking about a full-on left-wing campaign to unstitch and burn the fabric of Britain. And the genius is that no one really knows that what they’re doing is serious. We laugh as they change the name of the Sir Francis Drake Primary School to something less slavey. We think it’s all a big joke. But it isn’t.

Think about what typically happens in a military operation and then look what the woke left has done here. It’s seized control of our television and radio stations to such an extent that last week Sophie Raworth said, on the BBC News at Six, with a straight face, “And over now to our LGBT and diversity correspondent ...”

And TV drama? Unaffected? Right, and when was the last time you saw a fictional police force hunting a gang of Muslim extremists? It’s always the far right. And it’s the same story in comedy. Say anything you like about Boris or Rishi and the laughter track is turned up to 11. Make a joke about she/him pronouns or Greta Thunberg and they’ll blow a piece of tumbleweed across the stage.

In sport we sometimes have three women doing the punditry at a men’s football match, and if anyone remarks on this on Twitter, they are immediately singled out for the India-rubber treatment. And who’s doing the erasing? Who’s making the rules? That’s just it. We don’t have a clue. What we do know is that, having taken control of the television stations, without a shot being fired, they turned their attention, like any conquering army, to the schools. Here they went fully Pol Pot, doing a comprehensive year-zero job on the curriculum so that kids would know their parents were all racists. Apart from those with “unconscious bias”. Who were racists as well.

You probably think, because you don’t know this war is going on, that when you drop little Johnny off at the school gates he’s going to learn the nine times table that day. No, he isn’t. He’s learning that he might actually be a girl, which is why there are probably tampon dispensers in the boys’ lavatories.

With all this in place, they set about the police, and here they’ve done a tremendous job. Because, so far as I can tell, almost all the officers in the Met — apart from the terrifying number of sexual perverts — are now more wide awake than a frightened fox.

When some young people with green hair glue themselves to the road, large numbers of officers are dispatched to stand around looking at them. And they are only ever removed from the tarmac if they promise to go immediately to the nearest art gallery and throw some soup at a painting.

There’s more too. In 2017 a young woman with Asperger’s posted some rap lyrics in memory of her 13-year-old friend who’d been killed in a car accident. Because these lyrics contained the n-word, as many rap songs do, apparently, the local hate crime officer decided to charge her. And the magistrates, even though the song had been played two million times on YouTube, gave the poor girl an ankle bracelet and a curfew order and made her pay £500 in costs as well as an £85 victim surcharge. The case was later overturned.

Still think the loony left isn’t in control? It’s even in your office. If you run a business and you discover that a person in an androgynous trouser suit has been sitting around all day worrying about panda bears and what painting is most in need of a daubing with oxtail, you know that you absolutely cannot say anything to them about doing some, you know, work. Because then they will claim you’ve affected their mental health and you’ll have to be sacked.

They are cross with you, so they make a complaint, and you haven’t got a hope in hell of surviving that. Which means you’ll have to spend every day for the next few months sitting on a bench in the park and feeding the ducks because you don’t have the courage to tell your family that you’ve been let go for using the word “homosexual”. Which, we learnt last week from a Home Office spokesperson, is a medical term.

We’ve now reached a point where the leader of the opposition is so boxed in and frightened that for a while he could not answer when asked if a woman could have a penis. He knows what happened to JK Rowling when she waded into this debate. He knows that out there, hidden and invisible, there really is an army with the ability to remove from public life anyone who disagrees with its increasingly militant viewpoint.

At least Arthur Scargill had the decency to get on a soapbox and state his aims in public. This lot don’t. They sit at home, hiding in the impenetrable shadow of anonymity, inventing new rules to ensnare anyone and everyone they deem to be unworthy. Monty Python joked in the Spanish Inquisition sketch that there was a crime of heresy by thought. But today it’s a reality.

And at this point I was going to explain how this war is now being waged against our head of state, King Charles. But, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve run out of space. Damn.”



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Saturday, 02 December 2023

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