It was Forty Years Ago Today … Mark Chapman Blew John Lennon Away By Chris Knight

This piece is published on December 9, 2020, in Australia, but in New York, it is still December 8. Forty years ago, Mark Chapman, a deranged fan gunned down Leftist globalist icon, John Lennon. At the time I remember attending a lecture at my old university, and I spoke with a Leftist about this, whose remarks sometimes filter through my mind: “Someone with that much money, had to come to a sticky end.” Yes, but it does not seem true, yet, for those higher up the food chain, who seem invincible.

I imagine that if Lennon was young, and alive today, he would be transgender but struggling to push to number one in the woke charts. But who knows, for this was a Leftist singing from his millionaire’s mansion, about global communism, abolishing private property, and religion. He would be right at home in Beijing Biden’s America.

I knew a guy, one of the so-called “orange people” of gurus Rajneesh, who was in India, vising some other guru. Lennon and Yoko Ono turned up for the weekend, and he got to spent time with both. As people, he found Lennon almost unbearable, and Ono, completely unbearable. He found Lennon’s mother-fixation with Ono, disturbing. Lennon though was a typical person of the Left.  




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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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