Readers can be forgiven for mistaking Lady Susan Renouf with Lady Michele Renouf. It was in July of this year that socialite Lady Susan Renouf died of ovarian cancer at the age of 74 years. If one followed only the history/politics columns of the mainstream newspapers, one could be forgiven for mistaking this Lady Renouf with the second Lady Renouf known to Holocaust revisionists as a defender of free speech.

According to Wikipedia:
Susan, Lady Renouf : Born Susan Rossiter, 15 July 1942, Died 15 July 2016 (aged 74).
Her spouses were: Andrew Peacock (1963-1978, 3 children)
Robert Sangster (1978-1985)
Frank Renouf (1985-1998?, divorced)…

Susan, Lady Renouf (née Rossiter; 15 July 1942 – 15 July 2016) was an Australian socialite. Her title was acquired through her third marriage to New Zealand businessman Sir Frank Renouf.
In 1988, her third husband, Sir Frank Renouf, paid what was at the time the highest-ever price for a Sydney home, when he bought the mansion "Paradis sur Mer" in Wolseley Crescent at Point Piper, where the vendor was her second husband, Robert Sangster.

Sir Frank Renouf was married three times:
His second wife (1985) was Susan Renouf (born Susan Rossiter and also known as Susan Peacock and Susan Sangster).
His third wife (1991) was Lady Michèle Renouf, to whom he was briefly married.
("Lady Michele Renouf: mistress of reinvention", The Australian 13 February 2009)
Sir Francis and Lady Renouf parted company shortly after the media ridicule surrounding their marriage, which formally ended in divorce five years later, despite his attempts at reconciliation.  
He suffered a heart attack and stroke soon after the divorce was finalised.
Death:  Sir Francis Renouf died in Wellington, New Zealand in 1998, aged 80

Now we come to the second Lady Renouf - Lady Michelle Renouf.
Wikipedia tells us:
Her first marriage ended in a 1990 divorce, and in 1991 she married New Zealander Sir Francis Renouf, a merchant banker and former POW in a German camp, who had worked alongside Hermann Abs of the Deutsche Bank to reconstruct Germany's postwar banking system. At the time of the wedding, Sir Francis was seventy-two years old and his wife forty-four years of age.

Michèle Suzanne, Lady Renouf is an Australian-born British defender of Holocaust deniers such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Bishop Richard Williamson, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel, and Fredrick ...
Born: 1946, Australia
Education: Heythrop College, University of London
Residence: London, United Kingdom


Lady Michèle Renouf  –  ‘Professor Robert Faurisson’

Last month Professor Robert Faurisson faced a landmark trial in Paris, where Lady Michèle Renouf appeared as the sole defence witness.  France is one of many countries where normal historical research is criminalised: this latest trial related to Prof. Faurisson’s speech at the Teheran International Conference 2006, (more than 3,000 miles from Paris and ten years ago!).

Lady Renouf address to the Tehran International Conference 2006


Your weekly dose of common sense from Senator Cory Bernardi

Census night was a debacle
...the confected outrage of a few camera-chasing politicians rings as hollow as their commitment to the concept of freedom of speech.

It’s no coincidence that those politicians who won’t put their names on their census forms don’t want you to have your say on much more important matters for fear of causing offence.




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