Is World War III Inevitable? By James Reed

The Socrates program has been concerned with making predictions in the business cycles over history, and they are not the only such organisation or persons saying this, as it is common in “war cycle” theory. World War III is likely to occur this year, if it already has not yet started, they claim. Wars are the common answer to the problems generated by usury-based fiat money systems when they run into inevitable troubles. As well, there is from the globalist’s perspective, the “Mother Courage” issue of making vast sums of money from the military industrial complex. According to a report by Martin Armstrong, based upon the Socrates program, “We are headed into World War III, as the computer has forecast, starting here in 2023 because all the old tensions in the world between people and nations will tear the world apart.”


It is yet another prediction to take on board and ponder.

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics published an article this week about the so-called Socrates program and how it has successfully predicted all sorts of things throughout history by looking at business cycles.

Based on what Socrates is saying, 2023 is the year of World War III, which was predicated by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” and other bellwether moves by globalist powers to signal a shift into the next cycle.

As we have been reporting a whole lot as of late, every time economies start to falter – especially those built on Keynesian economics and usury-based fiat money systems – the powers that be plunge the world into yet another catastrophic war, resulting in many deaths and lots of fresh new capital for those at the top.

Describing the impending WWIII as “unfolding in a calamity of self-interests clashing with stupidity,” Armstrong, citing Socrates, explains in brief detail about how the program looks at the entire spectrum from politics to war in generating analyses about what comes next in the world.

As you can probably already tell, the world is in chaos right now and would seem to be on the verge of collapse – though the establishment, with minimal restraint, has a lot of clever tricks up its sleeve to prolong the inevitable.

“I see the world as the Biblical story of Joseph telling the Pharoah there will be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of drought,” was the response Armstrong received to his statement about the nature of WWIII.

“This story attempts to tell us that there is a business cycle, and we better live with it. Marx, Keynes and central banks all attempted to either manipulate the business cycle or terminate it.”

Is this just another cycle, or is it the END?

A full 10 years ago, Socrates warned about the coming economic distress, which would be set in motion with a cataclysmic event, in this case the COVID crisis and associated lockdowns that set the stage for an economic collapse by shutting people out of their businesses and destroying the economy, not to mention society itself.

“Businesses closed, people lost their jobs, and the elite thought this was no big deal,” Armstrong’s report states. “You cannot raise interest rates to solve a shortage of food or to make it rain.”

Socrates apparently predicted the war in Ukraine as well, including the rise of “antisemitism” claims and “pro-Nazism.” It is all just part of the cycle, according to Socrates.

“We are headed into World War III, as the computer has forecast, starting here in 2023 because all the old tensions in the world between people and nations will tear the world apart,” the report further states. …

Whatever the case may be, the world is in the throes of another major calamity – perhaps the calamity to end all calamities, if you are a follower of Bible prophecy. Time will tell what happens next, but one thing is for sure: another world war is on the horizon.”



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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