Is There Really a Grand Conspiracy to Kill All of Us Off? by Peter West

I will let you in on a little secret, since there is just you and me and no-one else listening in – I have a morbid interest in the so-called grand conspiracy theory that the super-elites are planning to wipe out most of the human race. I, of course, don’t believe this, but the case has been put by excited folk on the internet. Usually they take out of context the words of high-flyers such as Bill Gates, about the need to reduce human population numbers, and say that he is advocating some plan of high tech genocide, probably using vaccines:

I grant, as my mother has documented in article after article at this site, that vaccines have negative consequences. But I seriously doubt whether anyone attempting to genocide the world would choose such a slow method, where genetically engineered diseases, such as a new strain of super-small pox, would take out 95 percent of humanity overnight.
So, I’m sorry; I dislike Bill Gates as much as the next man and his dog, but I just don’t follow my fellow conspiracy theorists in seeing him pursuing that agenda.

What was wrong with good old fashioned world domination? It worked fine for every James Bond villain!
An article along these lines was a recently published at Collapse News. Com, “Global Depopulation “Slow Kill” Hinted at by Common Health Symptoms,” August 18, 2016. The article argued that there are symptoms of a “slow kill” in the human population, such as low energy and chronic fatigue, digestive disorders and poor gut health, dietary conditions, chemical imbalances and autism. I agree that all of these are matters of great concern, but I doubt whether they are sufficient to cause an extinction event alone.

Much more serious is the genetic decline of the human species, along with the impact of hormone-altering chemicals, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), synthetic organic chemicals that are literally everywhere in modern society, especially in plastics. One impact has been a radical reduction in the sperm count of young men. An article “Sperm count: Fertility in men on the decline due to everyday plastics say scientists”  has truly science fiction apocalyptic dimensions:
“Men are suffering a sharp decline in fertility because of the prevalence of every-day plastics, say scientists.
And Niels Jørgensen, associate professor at Rigshospital, Copenhagen, has told the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology’s conference in Lisbon that only one in four men have “good” sperm.

According to The Times, phthalates, chemicals that are found in shower curtains, car dashboards and cleaning materials, “can be breathed in, consumed or absorbed through the skin of pregnant women, inhibiting testosterone production in male foetuses, leading to sons with low sperm counts.”
Jørgensen said that society should be “very worried” by these studies, and advised women to try to avoid cosmetics.

Warning of the risks of sun cream, he said that “because what you put on your skin, you absorb”.
He added: “Many of these chemicals may not do much harm individually . . . but we are exposed to thousands of chemicals. If you want to apply some kind of precautionary principle I think we should try to reduce what we are exposed to.
“With the knowledge we have — we have limited knowledge — if I was to advise my own family I would say, ‘Don’t use it’.”

He added: “It is only approximately 25% that have really good semen quality — that is shape and concentration of sperm.”
About 15% had very poor quality sperm, he noted, and you would predict they would need some kind of fertility treatment to become fathers.”

If this situation could develop in the post-war years, it is not too difficult to project matters forward a few decades, with further pollution of the world, to see human fitness falling even more. There is thus no need for some sort of vaccine conspiracy – the human race is in deep biological trouble already.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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