Is it a “Queer Planet”? By Mrs Vera West

Apparently, there is a forthcoming documentary that we will probably have fed to us, by the NBC, that attempts to show that homosexuality is widespread in the animal world, and that there are more than two genders. The sort of things that will be viewed are the classic gay penguins, bisexual lions, sex changing clown fish, and so on. The counter to this made at Modernity is that human civilisation would collapse if humans modelled society on the animal world. Examples are cats torturing prey, and the dolphins, beloved by the New Age Leftists torturing porpoises.

What is of relevant is that there is a felt need by these power elites to attempt to justify the present woke system via animal propaganda, perhaps showing developing cracks in the system.

"A documentary set to be broadcast by NBC asserts that we live on a "queer planet," in which homosexuality is widespread in the animal kingdom and there are more than two genders.

Yes, really.

The documentary, set to be aired on June 6, features one "expert" stating, "Everything you were taught as a kid is wrong."

"Gay penguins, bisexual lions, sex changing clown fish," the narration, voiced by gay actor Andrew Rannells, claims are all evidence that "this is a queer planet."

The trailer then shows two women, one with blue hair, asserting that "Queerness has always existed" and that "It's only in humans that we have such a stigma about it."

Apparently, this "stigma" revolves around having it shoved in your face 24/7 on television, TV commercials, within the education system, and publicly shaming or even arresting and prosecuting anyone who doesn't embrace it.

"The idea of just having two fixed sexes is clearly out of style," the narration continues, with another short haired woman with tattoos claiming, "Mother nature is pretty open minded."

Nature is apparently "full of queer surprises," according to the documentary.

I'm not sure that aspiring to behave like animals is quite the win that LGBT activists think it is.

Animals practice all kinds of behaviors which if they were mimicked by humans would lead to the collapse of civilization.

Lions practice infanticide and many other species eat their own offspring, should we start normalizing that too?

Dolphins torture and murder porpoises for fun, should we do the same?

Sea otters rape and murder baby seals, should we follow suit?

Explorer George Murray Levick documented how Adelie penguins gang-rape females and have sex with the ground, other males, and dead females lying frozen. Should we normalize necrophilia?

Tiger sharks kill their own siblings in the womb, while hyena cubs start fighting and killing each other as soon as they are born, is that to be celebrated?

Cats and other animals engage in wilfully sadistic behavior for fun, should humans emulate that too?

The narrative used to be that while homosexuality does occur within the animal kingdom, it is more about base sexual gratification and has little to do with advancing a species.

In order to abolish the "stigma" surrounding homosexuality in humans (which doesn't exist since it's promoted everywhere), that narrative is now apparently changing. 



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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