International Student Cheats in a Cheating System! By James Reed

With Australian universities now being essentially immigrant producing centres, there have been a few changes to the academic culture. Previously, when there was a resemblance of universities serving the national interest and supplying higher education to locals, instead of being the Asian supermarkets which they now are, cheating occurred but was not at a business level. However, now thousands of overseas students cheat, and pay others to do their work, and it is a big business. Criminal syndicate-run cheating firms are now threatening inspectors, which does not have an Aussie ring to it, does it?

In the longer term the universities need to be all shut down and higher education completely reformed. But until then, to bring the system down, how about the universities, which are collecting billions in overseas student fees, while passing on the costs of an accommodation crisis to the Australian community, simply not take in the students physically, but for a fee, just write out their degree, and post it to them while they stay in China and India? It would only be a few steps downhill from the present scam, and at least we would not have the extra migrants, taking accommodation and jobs from Aussies.

How can the community allow the universities to get away with this? Why hasn't One Nation got stuck into them; has done a better exposition, yet all of our woes can be traced to these nests of evil? Time to give One Nation a phone call, not an email!

"Universities in Australia have increased their investigative departments due to a record number of misconduct cases involving thousands of students cheating and paying for work.

Forensic IT has helped investigators uncover more dishonest students, and the increasing return of international students has raised concerns about a visa fraud black market.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) in Australia has cautioned that criminal syndicate-run cheating firms are getting more active in their pursuit of students and threatening inspectors.

Sydney University's registrar received 1000% more significant academic cheating cases between 2021 and 2023, requiring extra resources to clear a backlog.

That's while it took in $1.46bn in fee revenue last year while crush-loading the rental market for Aussie kids and the vulnerable.

In the long run, gutted pedagogical standards will manifest in a less dynamic economy and lower productivity.

We can hardly afford for it to get worse. Our economic complexity is already below Borat and falling fast." 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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