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Worse than World Wars? China/US Conflict By James Reed

     Kissinger has been around since, well when Adam was in short pants, and he was alpha enough to have as a girlfriend, the most delicious of the Bond girls, Jill St. John, the first American Bond girl. The guy must have something worth saying, apart from his extensive knowledge from his political career:

“Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger warns that a catastrophic conflict between America and China that will be “worse than world wars” is inevitable unless the two sides sort out their differences. We are in a difficult period now. I am confident the leaders on both sides will realise the future of the world depends on the two sides working out solutions and managing the inevitable difficulties,” said Kissinger. A permanent conflict between Washington And Beijing would be unwinnable and lead to “catastrophic outcome,” he added. “It’s no longer possible to think that one side can dominate the other…it will be worse than the world wars that ruined European civilisation,” said Kissinger. The U.S. and China have been embroiled in a trade war since President Trump began imposing tariffs on thousands of Chinese-made products in a bid to end unfair trading practices.”

     It is an interesting to speculate about what would be worse than another world war, but I think things continuing as they are with a slow decay and disintegration, could be worse. If one is facing inevitable death, it is probably better to go quickly than a lingering suffering and torture unto death, be this physical or spiritual, as Kierkegaard once observed in his book, The Sickness Unto Death (1849):



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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