World War III, A Coming By James Reed

     Good old, has just the right blend of economic doom and unrelenting apocalypse to keep my interest. Its coverage of the build up to World War III, is highly informative, even, entertaining. In a nut shell there are there major developments that could kick the can over the line. These are the Middle East, China and North Korea.

     Israel and Iran are already at war, with Israel attacking Iranian military targets within Syria. These were Iran-run bases, attacked by F-35 jets. Iran could retaliate by hitting targets within Israel which will set off the long-awaited Middle East War. Israel could use nuclear weapons if it was felt that there was an existential threat created. So would I if I had them and my flat was under attack, although the paradox is that I would go down in the bang. That would be interesting.

     Then there is China and the Hong Kong crisis. Hong Kong is part of China, and would crush such protests if they occurred on the mainland. But Hong Kong is a capitalist jewel and China does not want to scare the nervous money people. But, if it does nothing, protests may develop across the country. So, keeping with the spirit of murderous Mao, the Chinese will probably bite the bullet and bite the protestors. Already Chinese military forces have gathered on the border of Hong Kong. China is blaming the US and CIA for the protests and they are probably right. So, if Hong Kong blows up, that could kick start the also anticipated US China war.

     Then there is North Korea, who was going to nuke the West a few months back, then became friends with Don Trump, but now has fired two short range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, because it is upset with the forthcoming joint military drills between South Korea and the US, and likes to throw its toys across the sea when having a tantrum. US North Korean relations could instantly go backwards, always being fragile just like the Trumper and Kim.

     Hence, it is really only a matter of time before the big blow up begins, which is to not even go into the Pakistan/India possibility of nuclear war. The sun is shining today, even though it is winter. Make the most of whatever life we have left, even if war does not occur tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow. But it will occur in peace cycles, war cycles: 

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Saturday, 18 January 2020
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